After Telangana Jammu Morcha Urge Jummuties To Start Struggle For Separate Statehood

12 December 2009
Ground Report
Viajy Kumar

Jammu: Leaders of Jammu State Morcha (Progressive) on Saturday urged people of Jammu region and their political leadership to get ready and activate themselves for the struggle to get separate Jammu state on the lines of Telangana. A leading News Agency of J&K, Kashmir Independent Press (KIP) quoating President of the Jammu State Morcha (P) Prof Virendra Gupta welcomed the statement of the Union Home Minister P Chidambaram accepting the demand of creation of new Telangana state. KIP quoating Virendra Gupta said that the people of Jammu must realize the anti-Jammu policies and communal and secessionist mindset of the Kashmir leadership coupled with the appeasement policy towards the Kashmiri leadership pursued by the Government of India.He said major political parties including congress and BJP advocate for smaller states to ensure equitable development of all the areas and all sections in the country but ironically the leaders belonging to these political parties remain silent and do not support the demand for trifurcation of the state. He said leaders of national political parties have created a situation where it is difficult for Jammu to get justice and its due share in the present political structure that prevails in Jammu and Kashmir State. He said under the present dispensation the aspirations of the people of the other two regions of Jammu and Ladakh shall always be sacrificed and the people of these regions shall be forced to accept the type of the political structure that the Kashmiri leadership proposes, even if that may be Azadi, self-rule or greater autonomy.