Investigation Truthful: CBI

17 December 2009

New Delhi: Amidst criticism from certain quarters of the CBI report on the alleged rape and murder case of two women in Shopian, CBI director Ashwani Kumar today said the agency's investigation was concluded in a very 'professional manner'. 'We are convinced that our reports are based on impartial investigation. It is the truthful investigation and it is concluded in a very professional manner,' Kumar said. 'Our investigation is based on forensics. It is based on medical science and it is based on scientific investigations carried out. First, the scientists, the forensic experts came to the conclusion that the women have not been raped and they have not been murdered... 'I am happy to say that we got full cooperation from the family of the deceased and when the exhumation took place, it was conducted in a transparent manner,' the CBI director told a Mumbai-based news channel. He said: 'it is a CBI finding and we have placed our report before the court. It is for the people, it is for the press to say that they do not agree with it. They can criticise it. If they have any reservation against the report, they can file the complaint before the competent court.'