No Back Channel On Kashmir: FO

30 December 2009
Pakistan Observer
Tanvir siddiqi

Islamabad: There is no back channel diplomacy going on with India as India is reluctant to hold even the composite dialogue to resolve all the long outstanding issues including Kashmir between the two countries, Foreign Office spokesman Abdul Basit said here on Wednesday. He said Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had given a firm commitment to Pakistan during the meeting with Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani to resume the stalled dialogue between the two countries. He said no diplomacy to resolve the Kashmir dispute can be successful unless India shows sincerity in resolving the issue in line with the aspirations of the people of Kashmir . But it is regrettable that soon after returning home, the Indian Prime Minister did not show any inclination to honour his commitment with his Pakistan counterpart to start the deadlocked dialogue affirming that it was only through dialogue that the two countries could resolve all the outstanding issues including the issue of Kashmir. The Foreign Office spokesman said Pakistan remains steadfast in its stand on Kashmir. Pakistan firmly believes that it is only through resolution of Kashmir issue that there can be peace in the region. Pakistan firmly stands by its commitment that the solution of Kashmir has to be acceptable to Kashmir is in accordance with the UN resolutions which India has been flouting despite the fact that it was India itself which had taken the issue to the United Nations. Referring to the ongoing war against terrorism, the Foreign Office spokesman said that Pakistan has conveyed to the United States that drone attacks inside Pakistan’s territory have proved non-productive and are adversely affected the war against terror.He said Pakistan’s foreign policy is tailored in accordance with the country’s interests. “W are not dictated by any country as far as our foreign policy as a sovereign state is concerned”, he said. The Foreign Office spokesman said that incidentally the interests and policies of some countries reflect convergence of views on several issues. In this context, he said we have convergence of views with the United States on our shared objectives of strategic partnership.