Hindus, Muslims Throng The Shrine Of Kashmir Sufi Saint

31 December 2009

Rajouri: Cutting across religious lines, both Hindu and Muslim devotees thronged the dargah (shrine and grave) of Sufi saint Baba Shah Badshah in Rajouri here to observe Urs, his death anniversary on Wednesday (December 30). On this occasion, a large number of devotees prayed for peace and tranquility in the state. 'We prayed, as many devotees did, that God bless this country with peace and tranquility. People should get dignity, honour and respect. For all those who have come here with pious intention, may God fulfill their wishes. This is what I prayed to God,' said Adbul Rashid Qadari, a devotee. The Hindu devotees also prayed for peace and tranquility in the region. 'We prayed to God to endow us with peace and tranquility in Jammu and everything should be all right. May God fulfill the wishes of all those who have come hear and may God fulfill our wishes too,' said Navjot Singh, a devotee.