Time For Rhetoric Has Gone: Mufti

10 April 2014
Rising Kashmir

Srinagar: PDP patron and former Chief Minister, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed Thursday said Lok Sabha elections will lay foundation for a profound change not just in the government but in the entire system and for addressing Kashmir issue and the problems faced by the people of Kashmir. 'A new dawn is breaking in the political landscape of Jammu & Kashmir which will have all positive effects to change the destiny of the people, state,' Mufti said while addressing various roadside meetings in Arihal, Tahab villages in Pulwama district and various areas of Shopian segment of Anantnag parliamentary constituency. He said PDP leadership has no personal axe to grind like the NC which seeks votes only for ministerial berths for its leaders at the cost of state interests. 'PDP has turned out to be a reliable voice, a credible alternative before the people to challenge the hegemony of National Conference in the state politics and the people look at it (PDP) with a hope to rewrite a new history for J&K.' He said a new system will be established with the support of people which will ensure justice for all and the post-independence siege is bound to be lifted to create an environment where everyone can feel secure, comfortable. Referring to the hanging of Mohammad Afzal Guru and killing of 120 people in 2010, Mufti said it is direct result of the wrong policies of the NC, which has over the decades only exploited emotions of people and in return settled for power within the family. He said time of rhetoric's has gone and the people are now awakened enough to understand the dynamics of politics which is very encouraging in a sense to see J&K getting out of present uncertainty and the dream of a peaceful and developed state getting into shape. Castigating NC of turning Kashmir into war zone by resorting to fraudulent tricks and doing historical blunders only to grab power, Mufti said people know how NC sold their interests and compromised their self-respect over the last 60 years. 'NC has always played a politics treachery and they have never been serious to take care of the people from whom they have been taking votes and in return have been betraying them of their rights.' 'The corruption has touched new heights in the present regime and the both NC and Congress are responsible in institutionalizing the menace and destroying the institutions which were meant to bring about probity and transparency in the public life. People have a responsibility to come out and get rid of this cruel regime which has been busy only in accomplishing its personal benefits out of the people's miseries and sufferings,' he added.