Don't Exploit Our Tragedy: Afzal's Kin Tell Politicos

21 April 2014
Kashmir Observer

Srinagar: The family of Muhammad Afzal Guroo Monday asked National Conference patron Dr Farooq Abdullah to stop shedding crocodile tears on the 'martyrdom' of Afzal and urged people not to take any of his comment seriously regarding Afzal's execution. Both the wife and the brother of the Muhammad Afzal Guroo castigated Farooq Abdullah over his 'hollow' claim that R.K.Singh was responsible for the secret execution of Muhammad Afzal Guroo. 'I appeal people to look at the statement made by Farooq Abdullah shortly after Guroo was executed and now whatever he is claiming right now is just a poll gimmick and nothing else,' Guroo's brother Ajaz Ahmed told Srinagar based news adding that they are surprised the way Farooq Abdullah has changed his tone during the elction time in Kashmir. He said Both Farooq Abdullah and his son Omar Abdullah as well as the other Cabinet member from the Jammu and Kashmir (Azad) were informed and consulted beforehand. 'Omar Abdullah crushed people in Kashmir and did not allow people even to mourn the death of my brother,' he said adding that Guroo family was placed under house arrest for 15 day's soon after the execution episode and not a single family member was allowed to come out on the roads. He said that not only R.K.Singh but the Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde, UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Farooq Abdullah and Omar Abdullah are all responsible for the secret execution of Muhammad Afzal Guroo. 'I am shocked the way Farooq Abdullah is trying to defend his 'misdeeds' and I appeal people not to take his comments seriously. Tabasum Guroo, the wife of Muhammad Afzal Guroo said that the statements of Farooq Abdullah makes no sense at this juncture when the same person used different words the day Afzal Guroo was hanged in Tihar Jail. She criticised chief minister Omar Abdullah as well and said that he misled people by claiming that he was informed by Home Minister, Sushil Kumar Shinde at the eleventh hour. The fact is that Omar Abdullah was informed by New Delhi on January 31, nine days before Guru's execution. Pertinently, National Conference president Dr Farooq Abdullah on Sunday claimed that the central government did not consult him and former Home Minister R.K.Singh was responsible for the secret execution of Muhammad Afzal Guroo. Tabasum Guroo said that Farooq Abdullah is shedding crocodile tears to appease people of Kashmir for his political benefits. 'Everyone in Kashmir is witness to the fact that Farooq Abdullah did not show any keenness to castigate New Delhi when my husband was hanged. His recent statement in favour of Afzal did not surprise me or my family as we all know that he can go to any extent to safeguard the interests of India in Kashmir,' she said, adding that people of Kashmir are wise enough to evaluate the statement made by Dr Farooq Abdullah. Tabasum Guru also castigated Omar Abdullah for misleading people of Kashmir. 'Chief Minister lied before media when he said that home minister Sushilkumar Shindey informed him few hours before the execution of Muhammad Afzal Guru. I tell you with authority and I can give you proof that New Delhi informed him on January 31 about the development and he kept it as a secret,' she said, adding that she is thankful to the people of Kashmir for their support and affection while she expects nothing form pro-India politicians. She said that Farooq Abdullah has no right to use the name of her slain husband during election rallies.