'Hurriyat Leaders Acting As First Assault Weapons Of NC'

26 April 2014
The Tribune (Chandigarh)
Ishfaq Tantry

Srinagar: Senior PDP leader and party's candidate for the Baramulla parliamentary constituency Muzaffar Hussain Beigh today conceded that they were 'anxious' about the poll boycott call and alleged that 'some Hurriyat leaders were acting as first assault weapons' of the ruling National Conference. Beigh also accused the NC of resorting to 'every trick to ensure low voter turnout'. Only 28 per cent voters cast their vote during the first phase of parliamentary polls in the Valley on Thursday. 'The ruling National Conference wants low voter turnout. Larger the participation of people in the polls, greater the chances that they will vote against the National Conference,' Beigh claimed. Asked about a vast number of people voluntarily abstaining from voting during elections to the Anantnag constituency, Beigh said: 'Why can't one believe that some Hurriyat leaders, who campaigned hard (in south Kashmir) were actually allowed by the ruling alliance.' 'Knowingly or unknowingly, some Hurriyat leaders are acting as first assault weapons of the National Conference. The PDP apprehends that NC will resort to every trick to ensure low turnout in the Srinagar and Baramulla parliamentary constituencies,' Beigh told The Tribune. 'The NC wants very low turnout, as it will benefit them. The ruling alliance has cultivated a breed of officials who are acting as the card holders of the government to ensure its victory,' he added. On the party's campaign trail, Beigh said: 'The PDP is banking on its development agenda, with emphasis on power and tourism. The value addition to this is development of agriculture and horticulture sectors.' The senior leader also said the party was banking on the work done during the three years of the PDP rule from 2002 to 2005. 'We are also banking on the performance of the party during its three year rule. In addition, we are also highlighting the weaknesses of the coalition government during past over five years,' he said. 'It is a coalition of non-governance and misrule,' Beigh added. The former Deputy Chief Minister said if elected to Parliament, PDP leaders would project positive image of Kashmir so that it acts as a bridge for the Indo-Pak friendship.