Farooq Abdullah Inspires Kashmiris To Vote

30 April 2014

Srinagar: Confident of bagging votes, National Conference Party (NC) chief Farooq Abdullah inspired Kashmiris to participate in exercising their franchise in the general elections. Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah, cast his vote in Srinagar along with his father and NC chief, Farooq Abdullah. Having made headlines recently with his Kashmir will separate from India remark if Modi becomes prime minister, Farooq Abdullah again took a dig at the Gujarat chief minister saying he would continue his fight against communal forces that tend to divide people of this country. 'I will do my work. If I win, then we are confident that we will join hands with secular forces to fight against communal forces,' said Abdullah. A close aide of Modi, Amit Shah, who cast his vote in Gandhinagar, however, was confident about Modi winning the elections. 'Change is inevitable on the coming 16th. Modi will become the prime minister of the country and Bharatiya Janata Party will work in full swing for the betterment of the people,' Shah said. According to most opinion polls, the BJP is set to win a narrow majority, dethroning a Congress Party that faces a struggle to be re-elected after a decade in power due to public anger over the economic slowdown, high inflation and a string of corruption scandals. But this has not dampened the spirits of Congress. The candidate fighting against Modi from Vadodara in Gujarat, Madhusudan Mistry, was of the opinion that Congress would be re-elected to power. 'People are excited and I can see that Congress' win is definite,' Mistry said.