50% NC Voters Voted For Beig In Uri: Taj

8 May 2014
Kashmir Times

Srinagar: Congress today admitted a 'vertical divide in voter share' in its stronghold Uri in North Kashmir that has gone in favour of opposition Peoples Democratic Party candidate Muzaffar Hussain Beig. Talking to KNS, Taj Mohiuddin, senior Congress leader and minister for health and medical education said: 'Yes there is a vertical divide in Uri. But it is the National Conference voter share that has got divided into two. 50 per cent of NC voters have exercised their franchise in support of Muzaffar Hussain Beig because of his person and not because of PDP.' Taj said that there is a severe resentment among National Conference cadres against Sajad Uri, which, according to the Congress leader, has resulted in division among NC voters. 'Over 33 staunch NC leaders including former MLC Mohammad Aslam, two former block presidents Shafi Malik, Ali Akbar and many prominent people like Khadim Hussain and Mohammad Aslam and their followers have supported Mr Beigh in these elections. They did not left NC but openly supported Beigh,' Taj revealed. He however, admitted that many of the Congress workers have also supported PDP candidate but most of the Congress workers and supporters being party loyalists have remained intact on party decision. 'Some of our Congress workers have voted against the party decision but that is an anti incumbency vote. By and large Congress workers have supported the coalition candidate and I am sure that we will give lead with a majority to the coalition candidate and that can be anytime verified. I have the list of voters and that can be checked at any point of time,' the Congress leader said. When asked about the reasons why the NC workers got divided, Taj said: 'They were not happy with Mr Sajad whom we have seen on the forefront. Since people do not see Shafi Sahib active on the ground, I think that has infuriated NC cadres,' Taj opined Meanwhile Democratic Party Nationalist (DPN) and agriculture minister Ghulam Hassan Mir said it was difficult for him to transfer his votes in NC's favour. 'It was as difficult for me to transfer the votes in NC's favour as it is to get water from rocks,' Mir said. . He added that during the past decade his supporters have always stood against the National Conference and that to make them to cast their vote for NC wasn't 'a cake walk for him'. 'Let me tell you that I worked really hard and made repeated pleas to the people to vote for the NC candidate but it is for the people to decide ultimately. I am still hopeful that we covered the ground at large,' said Mir. He also maintained that it is wrong to state that all his supporters voted against Shareef-u-din Shariq, the coalition candidate for Baramulla constituency. 'There are a number of DPN supporters who voted for NC-Congress candidate. We have to understand that my people have always stood against NC during the polls in Tangmarg and we could have only appealed people to vote, we cannot hold them by their collar.'