Restoration Of SMS After Four Years Brings Back Smileys

21 May 2014
The Tribune (Chandigarh)
Amit Kahjuria

Jammu: Mobile phone users having prepaid connection in the state, especially the youth, woke up with a big smile on their face this morning as the inbox of their phone started receiving SMSes after a gap of four years. Though the Short Message Service (SMS) has lost its relevance during this gap, in the age of mobile internet and smart phones, as dozens of applications are available on these smart phones, which allow the user to send and receive unlimited messages to their friends, but the restoration of the SMS on prepaid phone connection still brings a smile on the face of the youth. Nidhi Anand, a student of Jammu University, said, 'We are happy with the restoration of SMS on prepaid connections, but it didn't give that much happiness as compared to the pain at the time of the ban.' On the instructions of Chief Minister Omar Abdullah the restriction on SMS to the prepaid mobile phone connections in the state was revoked on Tuesday. The subscribers of the prepaid connections had made requests to the Chief Minister in this regard and he issued instructions to the agencies concerned to lift the restriction. Vinayak Puri, a prepaid connection subscriber, said, 'Earlier when people were demanding the restoration of SMS on prepaid sim cards, the CM used to say that it is the decision of the Union Home Minister, now how did he issue orders to revoke the ban?' 'I think now the youth is familiar with internet and smart phones, so it hardly matters to them, if SMS is working or not. They are already enjoying the services of Whatsapp, Vchat etc,' he added. But the people who cannot afford internet on their mobile phones or not familier with internet are quite happy with the restoration of the SMS. Dhyan Chand Sharma, a shopkeeper, said, 'It is good that the ban on the SMS has been revoked. Sometime when the network is not so good to talk, SMS plays an important role in communication.' 'It is really a helpful service. I wonder what made Omar to delay this decision for four years when it could have been revoked within a year,' he added.