Modi Sahib Has Chosen RSS Agenda: Malik

28 May 2014
Rising Kashmir

Srinagar: Hurriyat Conference (M) Chairman, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Wednesday chaired a joint meeting of Hurriyat's Executive Council, General Council and Working Committee members at Hurriyat headquarters. According to a statement issued here, the heads and the representatives of all the constituents of conglomerate participated in the meeting and discussed the ongoing political situation besides taking stock of organizational matters. While welcoming the recent meeting of Indo-Pak Prime Ministers during which both the sides expressed their desire to take meaningful steps to start the bilateral dialogue, the participants stated that Hurriyat (M) has always supported better relations between India and Pakistan and that even though cordial relations between these two countries were essential for the political stability and economic prosperity of the South Asian region, however, it was pointed out that without a just resolution of Kashmir cordiality in the Indo-Pak relationship cannot last long. It was further stated that putting Kashmir issue on back burner or adopting the tactics of delay can prove detrimental to the whole concept of normalization of relations and the desire of forward movement in economic ties. In the meeting it was stated that Kashmir was not a border or an internal issue of the two countries, adding, it was an internationally recognized dispute. Hence, the inclusion of Kashmiri leadership in any process regarding the solution of Kashmir issue was imperative so as to make the process meaningful and result oriented. The participants expressed hope that the bilateral dialogue between the two countries will prove to be a positive beginning towards the solution of vexed Kashmir dispute and that Kashmir would be an important issue on the agenda of the bilateral talks between the two countries because in case Kashmir issue is not addressed and the wishes and aspirations of the people are not taken into account no dialogue process is going to prove fruitful and result oriented. The meeting also took view of the various Hurriyat departments and expressed their satisfaction over their working. Meanwhile Chairman Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Yasin Malik has said that pushing Kashmiris to wall and dreaming of trade is like living in fool's paradise In a statement Malik said Kashmir issue is a living reality and whether anyone talks about it or not, cannot change the reality. 'All roads to trade and friendships, development and construction, stability, peace and prosperity go through Kashmir and ignoring this issue or putting it on back burner and dreaming of fulfilling these goals is a distant dream,' said Malik while deliberating upon the recently held meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. 'We had said that if Modi chooses to follow his dangerous agenda it will ignite the whole subcontinent and will prove disastrous. And if he refrains from the agenda and follows the path of peace he may well establish his statesmanship, said Malik adding the recent developments clearly show that Modi Sahib has chosen the path of RSS agenda and instead of promoting peace has started following and practicing radical agenda. JKLF Chairman said whatever has come out of the recent meeting between Nawaz Sharif and Modi Jee, proves this fact. 'How can the people who don't even want to hear word Kashmir solve this problem and dispute through peaceful means and negotiations,' Malik said adding that on one side summit between two prime ministers was going on and on the other side a junior minister in Narendra Modi's cabinet issued a statement saying the Government of India has started process of repealing already crippled Article 370. 'How can one trust a government that acts such callously,' added Malik.