JKLF Chief Re-launches 'Quit Kashmir' Movement

31 May 2014
Deccan Herald

Srinagar: Announcing the re-launch of the 'Quit Kashmir' movement, pro-independence Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik on Saturday said that Article 370 has been 98 per cent eroded by the successive regimes in Jammu and Kashmir. 'A staged debate is being created to divert the attention of the masses here from the real issue of the freedom movement. 'Quit Kashmir' movement is aimed to counter the 370 debate in Kashmir at large and through it trying to change the discourse,' Malik said at an urgently called press conference here. He said that deliberate attempts are being made in Kashmir to divert the attention of the people from the ongoing resistance movement and the 'impression is being given to Kashmiris about who supports the special status and who is opposing the same.' Taking a jibe at the Kashmir's mainstream camp, the JKLF chief stated that these parties are responsible for the erosion of Article 370 at large and the hue and cry is a staged drama and a mandate given to them by New Delhi.' 'Neither the Indian Parliament nor the state government has any constitutional and legal right to erode Article 370. Its 98 per cent has already been repealed by the successive regimes in Kashmir,' Malik said.