'Dildariyan' To Be Shot In Kashmir

10 June 2014

Srinagar: 'Dildariyan', an upcoming film produced by 'Amazing Dreams', will be shot in Kashmir. 'We want to show the world that all is well in Kashmir,' Farooq Quraishi, the director of the movie, told reporters here. Quraishi said he and producer Neelima Sharma had come to Kashmir to scout for some song locations for another movie they are planning with Ayushmann Khurrana but decided to shoot 'Dildariyan' first. The mahurat shot of the movie, which has local boy Sahil Khan in the lead, was shot at a hotel here. 'We are launching this film today which will be shot entirely here. Kashmir is such a beautiful place to shoot. Why should we visit foreign countries when we have such a beautiful locations in our country?,' Quraishi said. The director said the movie was a love triangle and will not deal with the political scenario of the valley. 'We all know how Kashmir was portrayed to the outside world but after visiting this beautiful place you won't find such things in our movie. We want to say to all people particularly filmmakers that all is well in Kashmir,' he added. Quraishi said while shooting will begin next month, the movie is expected to be released in January next year.