Mufti Should Have Been Tried For Genocide: NC

19 June 2014
Kashmir Despatch

Srinagar: National Conference Thursday said that opposition Peoples Democratic Party has sent a clear message to suppress and hound the youth by nominating Mufti Mohammad Sayeed as the party's Chief Ministerial candidate despite his involvement in some of the most gruesome massacres in Kashmir's history. National Conference spokesman Junaid Mattu said that Sayeed 'was the biggest tormentor and killer of the youth of Kashmir and that it was him who started repression and carnage by first sending Jagmohan as the Governor and then imposing Disturbed Areas Act (DAA) and Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) in the state'. He said: it was Sayeed who started his political innings by being part of a team that eroded Article 370 while Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah was incarcerated for safeguarding the special status of J&K. 'After succeeding in eroding Article 370 along with GM Sadiq, although Sayeed changed his loyalties often but his commitment to suppress the youth of the Valley remained a permanent, personal guiding goal throughout his career,' Mattu said. He said that 'the list of massacres and repression that was unleashed on hapless Kashmir youth during Sayeed's direct, unrestricted rule as the Home Minister of India constituted the darkest phase of bloodshed in recent history'. Stating that Sayeed was directly responsible for the Gaw Kadal, Bijbehara, Handwara, Hawal, Mashaali Mohalla massacres, Mattu said that the Syaeed, the PDP patron, would have been tried for genocide in ideal circumstances had he not managed to re-invent himself with BJP's blessings and funding in 1996 under the mask of PDP. The NC Spokesman said that it was none other than Sayeed who on the floor of the Indian Parliament defended the Armed Forces who were accused of the Kunan-Poshpur mass rape tragedy. 'PDP talks of the sisters and daughters of the nation but wants the people of Kashmir to forget that its patron, Sayeed, defended the security forces accused of the Kunan-Poshpur mass rape on the floor on the Indian Parliament even when some Parliamentarians from the rest of the country expressed their shock and sorrow over these reports from the Valley. Sayeed called these women, some of whom were as old as 80, liars and exaggerators,' Mattu said. Further elaborating on Sayeed's 'charge-sheet of tormenting and killing the youth' of the Valley, Mattu said that the blot of allowing the assassination of Mirwaiz Farooq will forever remain on Mufti's handcuffs and the youth of Kashmir should know who Sayeed is and what his past is. 'It is a known fact that Sayeed deliberately denied security to Mirwaiz Farooq and was of the opinion that his assassination would lead to internal divisions and strife within the state and hence should be allowed to take place. As if the tragic assassination of Mirwaiz Farooq wasn't enough to satisfy Sayeed, he went on to order security forces to open fire on his funeral, resulting in the massacre of 73 innocent civilians,' he said. Mattu said that it was none other than Sayeed who aided and abetted Ikhwanis and brought criminal elements into politics for his own personal ambition for power. 'Sayeed waxes eloquent about the resolution of the Kashmir Issue today. What was he doing for 40 years of his political career when National Conference was rendering thousands of sacrifices and striving and struggling for the resolution of the Kashmir Issue? Let's remind the youth of the State what Sayeed was busy changing loyalties nearly half a dozen times and swinging in favor of the most rabidly anti-Kashmir forces if that meant him getting a seat in Delhi at the cost of the interests and aspirations of his own people,' he said. The NC Spokesman said that his party would leave no stone un-turned to bring facts about Sayeed in front of the people and show the youth of J&K his image and record of 1990.