Attique Presents 12-point Formula On Kashmir To OIC

20 June 2014
Daily Times

Jeddah: Former Azad Jammu Kashmir prime minister and Muslim Conference party's president Sardar Attique Ahmed has said that Kashmiri people from both sides of the Line of Control wanted to be a peace bridge among Pakistan, India and China to help normalise current tense relations into a respectable friendship. He was addressing the meeting of the Kashmir Contact Group at the OIC's Council of Foreign Ministers in the Saudi capital. The opening session was addressed by Saudi Foreign Affairs Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal, drawing attention of the forum to multiple challenges faced today by the Muslim world and strategy to tackle them all wisely. For the resolution of the Kashmir issue, Attique presented 12-point formula which includes immediate end to human rights violations in the state, revocation of all black laws which have turned the state into a prisoner camp, release of all detainees, letting all Kashmiri leaders to travel abroad and release of their confiscated passports, opening of all traditional travel-trade routes and establishment of common fund for development through the UN, OIC, EU etc. The formula also includes exchange of professionals and students, intra-Kashmir conferences, joint sports events, customs-tax-free mega marts on the Line of Control, joint visits of Kashmiri leaderships within the state, the Line of Control should be declared as the Line of Commerce and the withdrawal of armed forces from the state. Attique proposed joint OIC-EU Observers Missions to monitor the ground situation in the state. On the global pattern of relations, he suggested that the Asian countries should hold an Asian summit as a platform to solve Asian disputes like Kashmir, Palestine and others. Separately, the former prime minister had a meeting with Prince Saud Al-Faisal and asked for an active Saudi role on Kashmir.