Omar Boasts Of Emptying Empty Treasury: Baig

12 July 2014
Greater Kashmir

Srinagar: Ridiculing the 'hollow boast' of Chief Minister Omar Abdullah that he would empty the coffers of the State on the welfare of people, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) today said it comes as a joke at a time when there is hardly anything left in the treasuries to spend. Senior PDP leader and Member of Parliament, Muzzafar Hussain Baig, in a statement said the National Conference is busy employing the same old tricks of bringing permanent destruction of the system and frustration among the people in order to gain votes. 'The job bonanza announced everyday by the government and promise of foundation stones comes at an immense cost to the system as even the existing employees don't get salaries for months and casual, seasonal and daily-rated workers are paid, if at all, token amounts once or twice a year,' he said. Baig said projects started by previous government have been almost shelved as a result of delayed execution and cost over-runs. Similarly, centrally sponsored schemes and projects under State plan have been badly affected. Referring to the media reports, Baig said the treasuries across Kashmir are having liabilities of more than Rs 400 crores affecting government employees, pensioners and contractors. 'In such a grim financial situation the phony announcements about spending fortunes on people sounds comic,' he added. Baig said Omar Abdullah government has made the State almost bankrupt in last six years. To cope up with emergencies like the one prevailing at present when treasuries are unable to honor bills, the J&K Bank would serve the State, but this government by handing over its debt management and overdraft facility to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has deprived the State of its last resort, he said. Baig, who represents North Kashmir in the LokSabha, expressed concern over the way the ruling government, for its trivial political gains, has subverted the normal employment process by bypassing the established institutions of recruitment in the state, thus marring the merit to benefit its own people. 'It has been the age old policy of the National Conference not to allow the institutions to grow because they fear that they won't be able to resort to malpractices once the institutions start working transparently,' he said. Baig said the ruling government through its so-called fast-track recruitment process announced few years ago could do nothing with the educated youth except adding to their own coffers. He said the only visible 'achievement' of the NC-led government was the appointment of Mushtaq Peer, of BOPEE fame, as 'consultant' of the 'fast-track recruitment process' despite knowing his murky track record both in Kashmir University and in the Professional Board. 'Whopping fees of Rs 400 was taken from four to five lakh aspirants each and in the end it turned out be a cruel joke with the educated unemployed youth of the State,' Baig added. He said now again people are being forced to sell their properties for the phony jobs as the ruling party agents and political brokers are out to mislead the people about so-called government jobs in various departments.