Waging Jehad Against Israel Duty Of Every Muslim: Geelani

17 July 2014
Kashmir Dispatch

Srinagar: While expressing concern over the plans of Israel to launch ground attack in Gaza, Chairman Hurriyat Conference (G) Syed Ali Geelani said that this attack will cost hundreds of more innocent human lives and it will render thousands of Palestine citizens homeless. According to a statement, while thanking people for observing complete shutdown against the Israeli aggression in Gaza, he said that we have no other option to express our sympathy with our oppressed and subjugated Palestinian brethren and by doing this we want to convey to the world that we also feel the pain of the people of Gaza whose children are merciless killed by the Zionists. While telephonically addressing the anti-Israeli protesters at Pampore, Geelani termed the wagging of Jehad (the Holy War) against Israel as a duty of every Muslim and said that under a big conspiracy this state was settled by grabbing the land in Palestine. 'It is an illegal state and it is patronized by the America, England, India and other western countries.' He said while addressing the gathering that if we were having any power and weapon, we would have reached Palestine to help our brethren there, but we too are living under the forced occupation of India and our freedom has been snatched in the same way the Israel has done with the Palestine. The pro-freedom leader of Kashmir said that there are lot of similarities in Kashmir and Palestine disputes and both the regions are victims of grave human rights violations. 'There is nether any protection of life and property nor is there any guaranty of honour and dignity. Palestine is experiencing the worst kind of state terrorism of Israel and the army of so called big democracy of the world are committing war crimes in Kashmir. He said that only Christians, Jews and Hindus are not massacring Muslims, but in Burma the co called peace loving people Buddhists are also killing them for the crime which they have not committed.' Geelani said: 'Our blood has become so cheap that we are suppressed and killed in broad-day light and no one cares and even the so called champions of the human rights violations too forget their duties when it comes to Muslims.' While terming the anti-Israeli protests of National Conference and other pro-Indian parties as hoax, Geelani said that it is their vote bank politics and they are doing this for the upcoming assembly elections. They are expressing fake sympathy with the people of Palestine, but in Kashmir they are supporting the Indian oppression on its people and are strengthening the illegal and forced occupation of India over Kashmir. While reiterating his call for complete boycott of upcoming elections, Geelani said that the National Conference, PDP and other pro-Indian politicians are the helping hands of the Indian oppression and to vote them is equal to support the forced occupation of India which a matured Kashmiri will never do. While appealing for peaceful protest demonstration after the Friday prayers on 18 July against the Israeli aggression in Palestine and observing the last Friday of holy month of Ramadan (Jummah-tul-Vidah) as 'Youm-ul-Qudus', Geelani said that until Israel will not stop its terrorist activities in Gaza, we will continue our protest and we will continue to express our sympathies with our Palestinian brethren.