Can't Rely On Mute Arab Nations To Resolve Kashmir Issue: Separatists

31 July 2014
Rising Kashmir
Junaid Kathju

Srinagar: The indifference of Arab world towards the plight of Palestinian people has come as a wake-up call for Kashmiri separatist leaders who have in the past banked on the gulf countries for resolution of Kashmir issue. Chairman Hurriyat (G), Syed Ali Geelani said instead of depending on the Muslim world, Kashmiri people should stand on their own feet for the resolution of Kashmir. 'I have said it many times in my speeches that if Kashmiri people have to achieve their goal of freedom, they should stop banking on others. I don't see any hope from the Gulf countries to support us for Kashmir resolution after their approach towards Israeli aggression in Gaza. When they can't help their neighbours what will they do for us,' said Geelani. 'Even Pakistan won't help us giving the situation they are in present if the Gaza-like situation arises in Kashmir,' said Geelani. He said organizations like Arab League and Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) has become completely defunct and are only looking for their vested interests. 'The Muslim world has lost the concept of 'Ummah'. They have all become nationalists and are only concerned about their personal benefits. If Muslims across the world would have been following the teachings of their religion, Palestinian people would not have been facing such a situation today,' said Geelani. 'Arab nations fear losing their monarchy (dynasty rule) if they would raise their voice against Israel and America.' Geelani said Muslim countries by maintaining criminal silence are equally responsible for the genocide in Gaza. 'The entire Muslim world should be held accountable for the massacre of Palestinian people. Their criminal silence has paved way for Israel to carry out its barbarism in Gaza,' said Geelani. Chairman Hurriyat (M), Mirwaiz Umar Farooq said after Gaza carnage there is no reason to pin hope on Arab World regarding Kashmir resolution. 'Unfortunately Muslim organizations like OIC and Arab League have lost their relevance. Apart from passing resolutions they have done nothing pragmatic to help conflict-ridden Muslim countries across the world. I don't think they can do much to help Kashmir issue by the approach they have adopted over the years, especially towards Gaza,' said Mirwaiz. Mirwaiz said instead of passing resolution for Kashmir solution, OIC should emphasize to work on grassroot level. 'It (OIC) has become a forum of resolutions, they do nothing on ground. They should push India to let them visit Kashmir and work on ground level here,' said Mirwaiz Mirwaiz said it is evident that Arab world is under the control of United States and work only by their directions. 'It is clear now that Arab world has no say in the world affairs. Their foreign policies are dictated by US administration. Muslim world has lost its political clout due to internal bickering,' he said. Mirwaiz said United States has utilized sectarian card to pit Muslim counters against each other. 'The situation in Syria, Egypt and Iraq is quite evident that US wants to divide Muslims across the world. First they infuse sectarian violence in these countries and later sell them their arms and ammunition for profit,' he said. Hurriyat (JK) leader, Shabir Shah said instead of seeking support of Arab world, 'people of Kashmir should strive themselves to achieve their goal'. 'I don't believe in seeking help from others. What can you accept from Arab League after seeing their stand on Gaza? Kashmiris have sacrificed their lives for the freedom movement and will continue to do so till we achieve our goal,' said Shah. 'Even though we have a support of the only Muslim nuclear power country (Pakistan), but we still need to stand on our own feet,' he added. Shah said apart from passing resolutions, OIC has done nothing substantive to help Kashmir cause. Talking of the criminal silence of Arab world over Gaza, Shah said: 'Personal benefits have made Arab world incompetent.' Chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Yasin Malik said Gulf countries have failed to deliver. 'What can we accept from OIC and Arab League, they are not pursuing their own resolutions on Kashmir, forget about the rest,' said Malik. He said unless Muslim world doesn't adopt transparent approach towards the conflict of Muslim world, organizations like OIC and Arab league are irrelevant.