Caputured BSF Jawan Returns Home With A Bouquet Of Goodwill

8 August 2014

Srinagar: Ending the agonizing 48 hours wait, the Pakistani authorities finally handed over the Border Security Force (BSF) jawan, who was swept away by strong currents of Chenab, to the Indian authorities at RS Pora sector of Jammu division on Friday afternoon. When and how he land up in Pakistan? BSF jawan Satyasheel Yadav had inadvertently drifted into Pakistani territory after their motor boat developed snag mid way in Chenab in the Pargawal sector on Wednesday. He was part of the patrolling team when the boat capsized. His collegues swam to safety but he swept away into Pakistani territory where he was reported rescued by the Pakistani Jawans. 'The boat took me into Pakistani territory. I jumped into water near a Pakistan post and was rescued by jawans of Pakistan Rangers,' Yadav told media in Pakistan before his release. Why did not he swim like his colleagues to safety? Yadav did not swimming but he was a part of river patrol party that was guarding the Chenab at Pargawal sector. However, he was wearing a life jacket which saved his life. 'It is right that he did not know swimming and he had gone for patrolling. But he had donned life jacket and he was saved by that. Had he not worn the life jacket he would have been drowned,' said DK Pathak, Director-General of BSF. Why wasn't he released immediately? It took 48 hours for Indian and Pakistani authorities to negotiate the safe return of Yadav. There is a set procedure which a country has to follow after the capture of the soldier. In this case the Pakistani authorities interrogated Yadav and asked him questions which the BSF described normal. The issue was also taken up on the diplomatic level which finally yielded fruit. 'Various functionaries did ask him questions. This is not uncommon (given that he landed unauthorizedly). In fact he landed unauthorizedly if we look at that way. It was an accident...He was drifted away by the current of the river and he landed into their territory... They have every right to find out how come he was there,' said Pathak. How was he treated in Pakistan? Yadav has himself told the media in Pakistan that he was treated well. The sentiment was echoed by the BSF director general to media shortly after Yadav was handed over to Indian authorities. 'He was treated very well. No mishandling was done. He was not misbehave by any functionary. Medical treatment was given. He was unwell he was treated well throughout his stay We do not have any complaints. In fact I am grateful to them that they treated him very well,' said Pathak. What happens if a Pakistani soldier reaches here in similar situation? There have been instances when Indian authorities have repatriated the Pakistani soldiers after they accidentally crossed into Indian side of border whether of LoC or IB. On July 13, 2012 Indian army repatriated Pakistani army sepoy, who had crossed over to this side of LoC. Arif Ali, 19, of 25-Frontier Force was handed over to Pakistani army at Chakan Da Bagh Zero Line in Poonch sector as a 'goodwill gesture'.