Geelani Condemns 'un-Islamic' Acts Of ISIS

9 August 2014
Kashmir Observer

Srinagar: Veteran Kashmiri Islamist leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani on Saturday condemned the 'un-Islamic' actions of the so called Islaimic Caliphate in Iraq and Syria and said those attacking minorities have no right to call themselves Muslims. He, however, slammed American strikes against the group. Addressing a press conference here the Geelani, who also heads a faction of Hurriyat Conference said: 'We condemn the innocent killings in Iraq at the hands of ISISWhen they kill Shias, it is wrong. We condemn it. When they ask Christians to convert to Islam by force, it is wrong. I say it publicly with full authority that this is wrong. You cannot compel anyone to become a Muslim,' adding: 'There is no compulsion in religion'. If you want to create an Islamic State, your first and foremost obligation is to protect minorities that lives in your jurisdiction. Even if the minority would be jews, you have to protect them.' 'They must not be harmed or targeted,' he said. The Islamic State, which was formerly known as Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, has captured large swathes of land in Iraq and Syria and established Caliphate with its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as 'Caliph'. Then powerful group has made remarkable advances since June, this year and forced Iraqi military to retreat from the areas which is under the control of IS. The senior leader also condemned American action against the rebels and said the United States haS no right to meddle in the affairs of Iraqis. 'Now, if people in Iraq are fighting with each other or have conflict within, it is their own issue. But, America has no right to bomb Iraq' Asked about the surfacing of Islamic State flags in Kashmir during street protests against Israel and India, he said: 'We have already said and repeat that we have to be extremely careful over the issue. We have to adopt the way of 'wait and watch' over the issue.' Geelani also said that he wanted to convey his message to the Islamic State over the issue of minorities but US bombing made the issue complicated. Stressing upon Muslims to protect minorities in their countries, he said: 'Minorities must be protected in every country. Unless, minorities aren't protected, Muslim countries have no right to call themselves Islamic states. Even we wrote to neighbouring Pakistan, which is our well-wisher, to protect minorities including Sikhs, Hindus, Christians and even Ahmadis, who have been declared non-Muslims, because they have right to life. Their lives, properties and honour must be protected.' On the occasion, Geelani also condemned fresh attacks launched by Israel against Gaza. 'Even after killing 2000 people, Israel is still thirsty. Israel is world's biggest terrorist state supported and funded by America and Britain,' he added.