'Ex-Indian PM Wanted To Contact Militants'

24 August 2014
Daily Times

New Delhi: Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front Chairman Yasin Malik has said that former Indian prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh wanted him to contact militants in Pakistan. During a TV programme, he told the channel that the request was made to him in 2006, two years after Dr Manmohan became the prime minister. According to the Kashmiri leader, the then Indian prime minister showed his desire (of his contacts) to give a boost to the Pakistan-India peace process. 'I had a meeting with Manmohan Singh in 2006 in which I told him that the (Indian) government should involve militant leadership in peace talks,' Malik said. 'The (Indian) prime minister said that he needed our help in this regard,' he said. Quoting Malik, the Indian media report claimed that when the Liberation Front leader went to Azad Jammu Kashmir, he went to a Lashkar-e-Tayyiba camp where Jamatud Dawa Hafiz Muhammad Saeed organised a felicitation event. 'I addressed the Lashkar cadres there,' he said. The JKLF leader provided no details about whether or not he contacted militants in other part of Jammu Kashmir or in Pakistan as supposedly desired by Manmohan Singh. About the JKLF's policy on Jammu Kashmir, he said India considers Kashmir its 'integral part' while Pakistan considers it its jugular vein. 'Our party's view is that it is for the Kashmiris to decide their fate democratically. Our political belief is that we want freedom,' said Malik.