As Border Firing Kills 2 Civilians, Jammu And Kashmir CM Omar Abdullah Reminds PM Of 'Achche Din'

24 August 2014
The Economic Times
Masood Hussain

Srinagar: Firing and shelling along the border with Pakistan killed two Indian villagers over the weekend, prompting Jammu and Kashmir CM Omar Abdullah to say that the BJP must deliver on its poll promise of 'achhe din'. The ceasefire violation in Kashmir has so far forced at least 3,000 residents living along the LoC to move to safer zones. The ceasefire violations are increasing in intensity,' Abdullah said on the sidelines of an event in Srinagar. 'They are no longer confined to BSF posts. By design now, civilian areas are being targeted, civilians are being killed and injured, and people are being forced to migrate from border areas.' Abdullah said, 'Given the breakdown in communication between India and Pakistan, I don't know how the Modi government plans to resolve this issue. But they have an obligation to resolve this because they promised the people of this country 'achche din'.' Referring to the border residents, Abdullah said they have as much right to ' achche din' as anybody. 'If anything, they are seeing their lives go from bad to worse and, therefore, I think it is time that PM and his government to fulfill its commitment for ' achche din' and restore peace along the border.' According to AK Sahu, Deputy Commissioner Jammu, shells landed in as many as 17 villages apart from the 22 BSF-manned posts in RS Pora and Arnia sectors. Nearly 3,000 residents migrate to three makeshift camps set up at an IIT and two junior colleges for a night halt. Given the rising tensions, officials in Jammu do not rule out the possibility of more people fleeing the nocturnal wartheater in coming days. 'It is a real grim situation as the borders stand converted into a war theatre,' said Ajay Kumar Sadhotra, a senior minister in Abdullah's cabinet. 'Both sides have evacuated civilians from the areas straddling the IB and today the shelling took place in the Kanachak sector that falls in my Marh constituency.' Sadhotra said the BJP had been routinely attacking the UPA for being soft. 'They used to tell people that Manmohan Singh was having biryani when Pakistanis were slaying soldiers in Poonch,' Sadhotra said. 'Now, who is on a biryani table when our civilians are being killed. It is high-time that the government resumes communication and helps people live peacefully.' The latest crisis on the Jammu border coincides with BJP president Amit Shah's visit to the state. Shah has a public meeting scheduled in Kathua where Congress' two-time-MP, Lal Singh, will join the BJP.