Kashmiris Studying In Punjab Protest

1 September 2014
Kashmir Times
Syed Yasir and Farzana Syed

Srinagar: Kashmiri students pursuing various courses in Mohali Punjab today held a protest demonstration against college authorities demanding their migration from Punjab to Kashmir. The students holding banners and placards in their hands assembled at Pratap Park staged a protest demonstration raising slogans against the College authorities who according to them in responsible for harassing Kashmiri students in the college premises with the support of some outsiders. The students said that they are facing unsafe in the college and demanded their migration from the Punjab College to Srinagar. The protesting students said that Kashmiri students were watching Pakistan-Sri Lanka cricket match was attacked and thrashed by the local students there while the warden Sandeep Singh took their side and hurled volley of abuses towards Kashmiri students. 'Instead of reprimanding and taking action against the assailants, Singh pounced upon us and used derogatory language,' students said. The students said that they have not complaint against the college management and in local police. 'Both the College management and police there supported and helped us. We want action to be initiated against the Warden and those students who attacked us,' they said. Meanwhile, around 200 Kashmiri students studying at Swami Parmanand College of Engineering and Technology in Mohali have returned to valley due to the fear of insecurity. The students have strongly denied the allegations that cheering for Pakistan cricket team had lead to the scuffle in college. On August 26 evening more than 12 Kashmiri students were injured when they were beaten up by some student groups at the college. The fight broke out when the students were watching a cricket match between Sri Lanka and Pakistan. A delegation of students revealed that they were simply watching the cricket match in hostel common hall and no Kashmiri student was cheering for Pakistan. They said the scuffle started when their warden came in and started abusing them without any reason. 'We were not cheering for Pakistan cricket team and were just watching the match. Allegations are baseless they are just distorting the facts. That was not the reason for scuffle. Hostel warden came in and asked us to turn off the TV. He suddenly started abusing Kashmir students without any provocation. He used all kind of bad language against the Kashmiri students,' the students revealed. They added: 'When we argued against it he called some senior students of Bihar and Himachal to beat us up. At 2.00 AM during night around 10 seniors came and started beating us ruthlessly. They had come with lathis, stones & hockey sticks and started beating us. May be they had come with an intention to kill us. Anything could have happened. They broke the doors and window panes we all panicked. Most of us were hurt many of us severely injured.' They said students from other colleges had come to beat them again had police not rescued them. They said, 'College administration and police did come to our rescue. Hundreds of students from other colleges had assembled outside our college. They had come to attack us again. They were waiting for us with hockey sticks and other sharp objects in their hands. May be they had come to kill the Kashmiri students. Police did not allow them into college premises.' The students feared there is no guarantee for their safety and security in the college. 'College administration is saying that they will provide us security but we will not feel safe over there. Going back to that place is like risking our lives. We want our migration certificates from college. We do not want to go back. We are not safe there,' they added. 'We are 200 students from Jammu and Kashmir and no one wants to go back even if administration assures us security. What if something untoward happens tomorrow? We called DIG police here but he did not talk. State police is not taking up the matter they are in no mood to help us,' students said. After this incident took place college was closed till September 8. According to reports Punjab police has taken up the issue but no action has been taken yet. The students have urged the Chief Minister Omar Abdullah and education minister to take the case seriously and take immediate steps in this direction. They also said that government should also take steps in migrating their admission to any of the state college for their larger interests.