Admin Failed To Dewater, Sanitize Srinagar: Hyderabad Mayor

30 September 2014
Rising Kashmir
Daanish Bin Nabi

Srinagar: With many areas still inundated and heaps of stinking garbage lying unattended on the streets of flood-hit Srinagar, Hyderabad Mayor, Mohammad Majid Hussain Tuesday blamed the state administration for failing to clean the city. 'To see stagnant water in Srinagar city that too on 25th day of the floods is heart breaking. Being a Mayor of the fifth largest city of India, what I feel is that it is a complete failure on part of the administration,' Hussain told Rising Kashmir. The state administration has come under sharp criticism for failing to dewater several inundated areas and clear garbage from the streets. Hussain is the youngest mayor in India and has been holding the post for the last three years, serving an area based on a population of over 90 lakh. He is the leader of All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM). Hussain is in Valley as part of the delegation sent by AIMIM for relief work carried out in collaboration with Rising Kashmir Foundation under 3-R (rescue, relief and rehabilitation) initiative. 'It is painful to see such a beautiful city devastated in such a manner,' said Hussain, who had earlier visited Srinagar in 2011. 'I have been in Kashmir for the past one week now and I travel on Boulevard along Dal Lake where garbage has piled up. From the past five days the garbage lies unattended in the area and no one has come for clearing it,' he added. Reacting to the government claims about the post-flood sanitation drive, Hussain said: 'That might be their own data and might be working somewhere else. But I just moved around the parts of main city and I see heaps of garbage everywhere I go. It is a dangerous sign for the city as chances of contracting water-borne diseases are high.' 'My major concern is that water-borne diseases can break out because of flawed policies about the cleanliness of the city,' the Hyderabad Mayor added. Stating that stagnation of water is another major concern which needs to be immediately dealt with, he said: 'Being a Mayor of the city, we dewater the areas in Hyderabad on priority basis. But unfortunately, in Kashmir I have seen no such thing. There should be large-scale mechanism from government to remove the tons of garbage from the city and dewatering should be done on priority basis.' Hussain said there should be large-scale sanitation drive from government 'which unfortunately I am not able to see right now'. 'In the city center Lal Chowk there are mounds of mud on the roads. I have seen shop owners cleaning the shops themselves and the local people cleaning the surroundings of their locality without any help from government,' he said. 'I travelled around the city and have hardly seen anyone from the administration. So far I have only seen one or two trucks cleaning up the garbage. All these small measures are not going to help. The administration has to take help from outside the state which I have not seen so far,' Hussain added.