Pak Violated Ceasefire While Army Was Battling Floods: Goc

4 October 2014
Rising Kashmir
Asem Mohiuddin

Srinagar: The GoC 15 Corps Subrata Saha Saturday said that there have been significant ceasefire violations on Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir during the floods when the army was extensively engaged in rescue and relief operations. 'When we are battling to overcome the floods in valley and organize rescue and relief operations, there was the significant ceasefire violation in Poonch sector by Pakistan army. It was followed by another ceasefire violation in South of Gulmarg in north Kashmir with low to medium weaponry used,' Saha told media person on the sidelines of blood donation camp organized by the JAKLI regiment. He said that violations were very effective and they (Pakistan army) were responded with equal force besides the messages were shot to them on hotline. Saha said that 14 militants were eliminated alongside the Line of Control (LoC) during the floods who attempted to infiltrate into this side of Kashmir while many more were beaten back by the robust counter infiltration network. 'The cease fire violations which take place quite often now are responded well at ground and on diplomatic level. I hope it doesn't go in its existing pattern since not only the civilian causality was reported but also massive damage occurred to the civilian houses,' he said. Asked to comment over the recently released Bollywood movie 'Haider' for its 'anti army' stand in Kashmir conflict, Saha said, 'Let art have its own space.' 'I wish I could have time to watch this movie. But I would say the art should have its own space to express,' he said. GoC appreciated its army men and local youth for conducting the rescue operation during floods. 'For army it was not possible to reach to the deserving and needy people along with the boats and other support in rescue operations. It was the local youth who assisted army that time and managed to save thousands of people who deserve appreciation for it'. He said the army organized the blood donation camp to supply the blood to the government hospitals for the needy people since they have started functioning normally. 'The government has announced that the hospitals have started functioning normally to treat the patients after the floods. We decided to organize the camp to donate blood to them for the patients who find it difficult to manage due to recent floods,' he said.