Pakistan Is Motor Of Global Jihad

16 October 2014
Ground Report

Jammu: Panun Kashmir, a premier political wing of displaced Kashmiri Pandits, on Thursday expressed its unreserved appreciation of the Government of India for firmly handling the firing Incidents by the Pakistani Army across the Line of Actual Control and International Border. 'The resolute,determined and required response of BSF and the Army to the firing from Pakistani side has the total and whole hearted support of the entire people of the nation', Dr Agnishekhar and Dr Ajay Chrangoo said while addressing a joint media conference at Jammu, the winter capital of the beleaguered north Indian state. Panun Kashmir, they said, saw the handling of the situation along the border and LoC by the new government at the Centre as a healthy departure from the way the previous governments have been handling similar incidents in the past. 'We hope that the new government has finally abandoned the policy of incremental compromises to Pakistan as a means of ensuring stability and peace along the IB and LOC with Pakistan', they added. Panun Kashmir, the leaders said has all along been holding the view that the firing from Pakistani side had the motives of pushing in weapons, ammunition and terrorists for sustaining the terrorist enterprise within India as well as undermining the sanctity of the borders and the Line of Actual control (LoAC). The Pak firing also sought to lower the morale of the nation and force a dialogue process upon India based upon the threat of a nuclear war. The responses of Government of India are the beginning of the calling of the bluff of Pakistan.* 'The adequate response of the Government of India to Pakistani aggression will go a long way in defining the red lines which have to be respected by Pakistan', they said. 'We hope that the responses of Government of India now will crystallize clear and unambiguous thresholds of tolerance of our nation which are critical for ensuring peace in the region'. Panun Kashmir has been persistently opposing the perspectives of 'uninterrupted and uninterruptible dialogue' with Pakistan and considered it is as capitulationism in the name of seeking peace. Such search of peace has time and again proved to be a suicidal illusion. The concepts of porous borders and exploring the possibilities of sharing the sovereignty of the nation in Jammu and Kashmir have been essentially subversive formulations which have undermined national interests far more than that meets the eye. * For quite some time Government of India had been chasing the mirage of a 'win win' situation for India and Pakistan. Such a chase time and again turned to be a loss loss situation for the nation at all levels. Panun Kashmir hopes that the new government in New Delhi has fully realized the pitfalls and dangers of the policy of its predecessors vis a vis Pakistan. The leaders urged the entire strategic fraternity of the nation as well as government of India to see the attempts of escalation of tension by Pakistan along the IB and LoC not as isolated incidents but in relation to the attempts of the Pan- Islamist terrorist networks to further integrate the terrorist activities in Jammu and Kashmir and rest of India with the imperatives of global Jihad. Panun Kashmir, they said, also urges Government of India to bring to the fore the extent of Pan-Islamic radicalization in Jammu and Kashmir and its relationship with the separatist formations in the state. The world opinion needs to be properly educated that the separatist ferment in Jammu and Kashmir always had a regressive Pan-Islamic content which organizations like LeT, Al-Qaida, and its new clone ISIS have. The visible integration of separatist movement in Jammu and Kashmir with global Jihad is not a result of any compulsion but an outcome of its ideological affinity with it. The leaders called upon Government of India to realize the fact that world opinion is now more sensitized to the role which the Pakistani state is playing in unleashing global Jihad. They said the rebuff of UN to the pleadings of Pakistan by refusing to play any intermediary role is also an outcome of this realization. It is time to tell the world that whatever is being seen as the global terrorism has its most important Epicenters in Pakistan, that the state of Pakistan is the motor of global Jihad and unless it is transformed all attempts to defeat the monster of Jihad would fail, the leaders said.