Kashmir Will Become Part Of Pakistan: Bilawal Bhutto

18 October 2014
The Asian Age
Shafqat Ali

Islamabad: Pakistan People's Party (PPP) chief Bilawal Bhutto on Saturday launched his political career with a massive rally in Karachi vowing to make Kashmir part of Pakistan. 'We will not let the peace process become hostage to the Kashmir issue but the Kashmir issue must be resolved in accordance with the aspiration of the Kashmiris', the PPP chief said. He added, 'When I speak of Kashmir, the whole Indian media starts writing against me. The words of a Bhutto shake the whole of India. They know that Bhutto means Pakistan. I am the son of Bhutto, Benazir and Kashmir'. The PPP chief said, 'This is the announcement of Bilawal that Kashmir will become Pakistan. Prime Minister (Narendra) Modi should not mind this. Kashmir is our destiny'. He pledged to stop mushrooming of extremism and births of 'Osama Bin Ladens'. 'No more Osama Bin Ladens will be produced here. Extremism will be eliminated', the young leader of the PPP said while addressing his life's biggest rally so far attended by tens of thousands of PPP loyalists. Mr Bilawal Bhutto said there are two forces in the country, those who support Bhuttoism and those who worship dictatorships. He questioned why the PPP is the only party which is attacked in Pakistan. 'Those who want to scare us should understand that the word fear does not exist in our dictionary'. The PPP chief spoke of the 'script' in the country that he said was written by the supporters of dictatorships and carried forward by the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI). He said the purpose of the 'script' was to give Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif a fake super mandate and derail democracy permanently. 'There are foreign forces involved and want Pakistan to be destabilised like Iraq and Syria', he said. He further said these forces wanted a civil war in Pakistan. 'Then only solution to saving Pakistan from civil war is Bhuttoism', the PPP chief said. 'No peace sans Kashmir solution': Pakistan Army Chief Raheel Sharif on Saturday said that only a fair and just resolution of Kashmir issue can ensure peace in the region. 'Only Kashmir solution in accordance with the will of Kashmiri people as enshrined in the UN resolutions could ensure lasting peace in the region', said Gen. Sharif.