Mufti Advocates Dialogue With Separatists

29 October 2014
Kashmir Observer

Srinagar: Peoples Democratic Party patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed Wednesday advocated for negotiations with the militant and Huriyat leadership for Kashmir resolution and said that since 1947 gun hasn't paved any way for settlement of the vexed issues. 'Even after a long spell, America had to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan and the solution being chalked out for Afghan crises is entering into dialogue with Taliban leadership,' he said. Mufti said this while addressing Shopian workers convention at his residence, a party statement said. He maintained that the vital institutions of Jammu and Kashmir have been eroded and whatever is left cannot be safeguarded by the boycott calls. 'I can tell you that it is the right of separatist leaders to ask people to boycott polls but till the Kashmir issue gets resolved, the state would be left in the most turbulent situation. The JK bank has been sold to RBI and the sanity of most of JK'S institutions has been eroded. We have to preserve whatever is left and it is a fact that diamond cuts diamond. We have resolved to protect state's identity and distinctiveness.' Mufti also maintained that PDP has won the trust of the people and has proved its representative character before the world. 'We will keep striving for safeguarding of Kashmir's institutions. I can assure you that we will not compromise on anything that could undermine interests of the people of Jammu and Kashmir,' the PDP patron said. Stressing that the party would focus on Kashmir resolution and a dignified living of the people of the state, Mufti said that the objective of PDP is not to take control over the seat of governance but to ensure trust and faith in the credible system of governance. The former chief minister said that the utmost priority of the party is to take out the 'perturbed' state Jammu and Kashmir from the 'dreadful darkness of political uncertainty, mis-governance and exploitation.' He said that the brief tenure of PDP after the 2002 elections remarked a new beginning in the prosperity of the state and people still hail of efforts of that selfless government that left no stone unturned in bringing respite to the people from the 'terror of task force and haughty governance.' Mufti remarked that when PDP was accorded power in 2002, the party despite comprising of 16 members in the assembly took remarkable decisions that scanned new hopes of prosperity and development for the state. He added that the party strived for introducing mobile services for the people of JK besides opening of the historic Mughal road. 'We provided a stage for the Indo- Pak friendship here. We gave peace an opportunity when guns were roaring across the borders. We stressed that it's vital for the Kashmir resolution that talks must be held between Huriyat, Pakistan and GoI.