Congress's Sole Aim Is To See Us Buried: NC

6 November 2014
Kashmir Life

Srinagar: A day after the former chief minister and Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad stated that chief minister Omar Abdullah should have resigned if Congress was affecting his work in government, the ruling national conference raised pitch against the Congress, terming it 'bunch of power hungry men'. 'The main aim of the congress party is to see NC buried forever. The sole objective of the party is to dive the state and polarize it to large extent,' NC additional general secretary Dr Sheikh Mustafa Kamal told KNS. He said that Congress never kept its word and has always taken bewildered measures to disrupt the harmony of Jammu and Kashmir. Kamal added that the standing policy of the Congress party is to divide the state of Jammu and Kashmir on several grounds in a bid to take maximum benefit out of the polarization tactic. Over the remarks of Ghulam Nabi Azad, he said that Omar's governance was marked with maturity and farsighted approach and in no way was 'childish' wherein he would have resigned for the non- cooperation of the Congress ministers in the coalition government. 'The remarks made by Azad are utterly misplaced. What would have been the outcome of Omar's resignation? It would not have served any purpose,' Kamal said. Taking a further dig at Congress, Kamal who is known for his anti-Congress rant, maintained that fact is that Congress 'wanted to capture power and was hell- bent upon toppling the Omar government.' 'They even raised the demand of the rotational CM, undermining the agreement that they signed with the national conference ahead of the government formation in the state,' he said. Kamal's comments came two days after the chief minister Omar Abdullah revealed that the Congress in the coalition government didn't allow him to settle various issues. The Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad came up with the reaction, asking Omar why didn't he resigned from the post of the CM, if he wasn't satisfied with the coalition dharma.