Congress Leader's Sex-for-job Conversation Goes Viral In Kashmir

17 November 2014

Srinagar: A senior Congress leader has landed into trouble after his purported telephonic conversation seeking sex-for-job from a woman goes viral in restive Jammu and Kashmir. The taped conversation clips of the influential leader from north Kashmir have surfaced at a time when Jammu and Kashmir is bracing for five-phase polling. The audio clips are being circulated on WhatsApp and other social medial platforms. In the two part conversation clips of eight minutes duration, the girl reminds him of the promise of job to which he says he would fulfil everything but before she comes to him... 'You did not adjust me,' the girls says in Kashmiri. 'I will do everything after you come to me,' the leader responds. The conversation mostly revolves around the sex which the leader is insisting with the girl. Even he is asking her to take an oath that she loves him. The girl also tells the leader that she is hearing such things for the first time and that is why she is feeling a bit shy. The taped conversation of one of the leaders has come at a worse time when Congress is battling hard to gain some foothold in the restive state following the humiliating defeat in Lok Sabha elections. Congress lost all the three Lok Sabha seats -two in Jammu and one in Ladakh - to BJP in the 2014 polls. Congress however, has reacted guardedly to the purported conversation saying they would act only against the leader when the allegation is proved. 'What is the proof? Is there any FIR against the gentlemen? That means there is no proof It is like you have talked on telephone, whether good or bad, but it would not be you but some body else and blame will be on you,' said GN Monga, senior vice president of J&K Congress. On asked whether he means to say the leader has not talked on phone, Monga said, 'He can't say. It should be properly investigated and things should come to light. In case it is proved we will take action against him.'