The People Will Decide Whether Article 370 Has Benefitted Them Or Not: Rajnath Singh

19 November 2014
The Indian Express
Arun Sharma

Bhaderwah: Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Wednesday said that Bharatiya Janata Party only want discussion on Article 370 of the Indian Constitution and its final decision rests with the people. Criticising political opponents of trying to create misconception about BJP by raking up Article 370, he said that 'It is being said that BJP will repeal Article 370they have been asking BJP to clear its stand on it,' Singh said a public rally here. 'We want discussion on itwhat objection you have?' Singh asked, adding 'whether people in a democracy do not even have the right to talk about it. The people will decide whether Article 370 has benefitted them or not'. In this context, he referred to the state government's refusal to implement provisions of 73rd amendment of the Indian Constitution empowering elected panchayats in the state like elsewhere the country. 'However, I assure you that if BJP government comes in the state, we will implement 73rd amendmentThe Panchayati Raj institutions in the state will be strengthened,' he added. 'We do not want to get public support by creating fear, but by winning their hearts through love and affection and by creating trust among them,' Singh said. In this context, he referred to Peoples Conference leader Sajjad Lone, adding that 'some separatists who used to defame BJP have been compelled by people's faith in our government to change their thinking'. Pointing out that sometimes, these people also raise Kashmir issue so as to create misconception among people about the BJP, Singh asked 'whether we do not have love and affection for the Valley. Criticising political opponents of creating divide between Jammu and Kashmir regions, he reminded people that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and many union ministers reached there during floods. 'Had government gone there, if we had to do politics?' he asked. He said that politics shall not be played on the basis of caste or religion, but on the basis of justice and humanity. Prime Minister Narendra Modi showed magnanimity in offering help even to the people of Pakistan occupied Kashmir during floods.