Use Vote To Change Rules Of Game: Mufti In Ganderbal

20 November 2014
Kashmir Life

Ganderbal: Terming the power of vote as the game-changer in a democratic setup, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Patron Mufti Muhammad Sayeed Thursday said a new course for Jammu and Kashmir can be decided only by the people by using their right to franchise effectively. 'Let me make it clear that the power to change the destiny of the State lies with the people of Jammu and Kashmir and not elsewhere,' Mufti said while addressing an impressive election rally here to enlist support for the PDP candidate Qazi Mohammad Afzal. Mufti said people have to play their role decisively in the upcoming assembly elections, not only to show door to those who have traded the State's interests for power, but also to give a befitting reply to the divisive elements who are out to polarize the people on religious and ethnic lines. 'It was the decisive vote by the emancipated voters of Ganderbal that restored the credibility of election system in Kashmir and paved the way for the formation of the PDP-led coalition government which transformed the political and developmental landscape of Jammu and Kashmir in its brief stint of three years. Mufti said after the historical verdict of Ganderbal in 2002, entire scenario got changed not only in Jammu and Kashmir but in the entire South Asian region which paved a way for the resolution of conflict by bringing India and Pakistan closer and kick-starting path-breaking confidence building measures around the State. Mufti said this new and rejuvenating element in political scenario of Jammu and Kashmir proved to be the turning point in ensuring good governance and political resolution of the issue. 'PDP is banking on the realization that the governments are not elected to be people's masters but they are there to serve the people at their pleasure,' he said and added that if elected PDP government would pursue the Kashmir resolution agenda with fresh resolve and the party's Self-Rule framework offers comprehensive solution to the political, economic, internal and external dimensions of the issue. Mufti said the central government headed by Narendra Modi shall have to pursue an agenda which would be 'politically-inclusive and developmentally-intensive' and it shall have to take measures to address both the internal and external dimensions of the Kashmir issue taking on board all the stakeholders including the separatists. He said while PDP would continue to act as a facilitator for resolving the Kashmir issue and the issues confronting Jammu and Kashmir, the party would carry forward its agenda of political resolution, economic development, good governance, justice and merit, foundations for which it had laid in 2002. 'We hope people would judge us on our performance during our brief stint in the government, in opposition and on the basis of our political, economic and developmental agenda and give us a clear mandate in the Assembly elections,' he said and added our voice will be heard with respect and reason not only in New Delhi but all across the country and beyond if PDP is handed down a clear mandate. Qazi Mohammad Afzal, District President and candidate for Ganderbal constituency and Sheikh Ghulam Rasool were also present on the occasion.