Modi Describes Abdullahs, Muftis As Corrupt, Says They Even Wanted To Mint Money From Flood Relief

22 November 2014
The Daily Excelsior
Sanjeev Pargal

Kishtwar: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today launched the BJP's election campaign for Mission 44+ in Jammu and Kashmir from this town with a call to the people to throw out two parties 'dynastic and corrupt rule' in the State and bring the BJP to power to make J&K a developed State, which would be free of corruption and full of development and employment opportunities. Without naming National Conference and PDP (headed by Abdullahs and Muftis), Modi said there was an alliance between the two parties to loot the State for five years each and then shield each other when in power. He declared that the BJP will end this era of 'corruption and loot' in Jammu and Kashmir and give people of the State the first ever clean and efficient Government, which would have only one agenda of development and governance. In another significant announcement, Modi set at rest all speculations on the package of refugees in Jammu and Kashmir describing the propaganda as 'lies' and declared that Modi will do whatever he has promised and address all issues of all refugees putting up in the State. Addressing a massive gathering of around 50,000 people at Chowgan Ground here, the biggest ever rally in history of militancy-infested Kishtwar town, Modi in his 33 minutes speech said that their two 'ruling' families have 'looted' Jammu and Kashmir turn by turn and asked the voters to 'punish' them. 'These two parties (NC and PDP) have entered into an alliance with each other. One party rules the State for five years and 'loot' the people. Then second party comes to power and 'loot' the people. Both the parties shield each other when in power and this way the people of the State especially the youth are deprived of benefits of development and job opportunities,' Modi said amidst thunderous applause from huge crowd. Accompanied by Minister of State in PMO Dr Jitendra Singh, BJP leader RP Singh and all six BJP candidates for Chenab Valley, the Prime Minister called upon the people to fulfill the BJP's Mission of 44+ seats to provide a Government in the State, which would make Jammu and Kashmir the most modern and developed States of the country and get them rid of 'corruption and misrule' of two parties. 'Will only two families rule in J&K? Can't other families produce leaders? Can't anyone from among you lead this State? Why such a situation has been allowed to be developed in the State? Get rid of this situation. We will give you a Government, which will only and only work for you. You are repenting for the last 50 years. If you don't punish the two families ruling here, they (the families) will come back with renewed resurgence and continue their agenda of loot depriving you of the benefits of development and employment, which other BJP ruled States have been enjoying,' he said without directly naming Abdullahs and Muftis but having a scathing attack on the 'family raj' pursued by them and their parties. 'Why have you kept Jammu and Kashmir mortgaged to these two families? They have an understanding among themselves. They have a five-year contract to loot the state one by one,' Modi said. He said that these two parties even want to 'loot' the funds given by the Centre for relief and rehabilitation of flood victims. 'They even want to make merry from the tragedy. They wanted the funds to come and plunder them. One of the party wanted to loot the funds in its remaining tenure while another party would have done so in the next five years to come. But I will not allow this loot to go on anyone. The funds must reach the people. Once the BJP Government is voted to power, the people will get their funds and there will be no loot,' he said equating the two parties with 'Chore and Lutere (thieves and dacoits)'. Modi said: 'from Kishtwar, a message should go to Jammu and Kashmir that J&K will not be kept mortgaged to any family and now the dreams of youth of Jammu and Kashmir will not be hostage to anyone. We need freedom from corruption. Tell me do you have power to do it, will you be able to run Jammu and Kashmir or not. If you have power to do it then vote them out. 'I want to tell people of J&K, just for one time decide and do away with these dynasties by having faith in us and for that I have come to you.' He referred to the elections in Haryana and said the people there had 'kicked' out two families who had indulged in corruption while in power and voted BJP to power with absolute majority. Promising to bring development to Jammu and Kashmir, he said: 'we have to take this State forward with its strong symbols of honesty and love that it is known for'. He said there was no dearth of money and there will be no dearth of money for J&K but in no case the Centre would allow misappropriation of funds. 'How can a bucket get filled if there is a hole in it. The biggest problem in J&K is where the Central funds go. This hole in the bucket has to be plugged. The BJP will plug it. If the pilferage from misappropriation of Central funds is stopped, there will be no dearth of funds for the State for development,' he asserted. 'I ask brothers and sisters of J&K, if you want rehabilitation of flood victims do not allow money to go into the hands of thieves and dacoits. I have to stand by you and work for you at this time of difficulty. 'I have to bring you out of catastrophe', he added. 'Now the youth of J&K will stand up on their own strength and endeavour and New Delhi Government is with you and will work with you shoulder to shoulder. Entire India is with you. To change your destiny, 125 crore people will stand with you.' Modi said: 'the State Government was even unaware of the loss of damage caused due to floods but the day I landed and saw the impact of floods in the Valley, I announced Rs 1000 crore assistance and the State Government was surprised. 'Give me an opportunity. If you give me one opportunity, you will never regret it. I want to give you this assurance,' he added. Avoiding any reference to controversial issues like Article 370 granting special status to Jammu and Kashmir Modi invoked former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee's 'dream' of 'democracy, humanity and Kashmiriyat' and asked the youth in Kashmir to turn over a new leaf. ' Whatever has happened in the past has happened. Now is the time to take decisions for the new generation,' he said, while stressing on 'development mantra' and the need to get rid of corruption during his first election rally in Jammu and Kashmir, which goes to elections in five phases beginning November 25. Though Modi addressed the rally in Kishtwar, an Assembly constituency the NC has never lost since 1977, the candidates of all six seats of Chenab Valley were present at the dais and Modi named all of them. Barring Ramban in 1996, the BJP has never won an Assembly seat in the Chenab Valley. Presently, Congress holds five and NC one seat of the Valley. 'Democracy, humanity and Kashmiriyat, these words of Atal ji have made special place in the hearts of Kashmiris and have ignited a hope in every Kashmiri youth about better future. I want to urge people to install with full majority a BJP Government in J&K and trust my words that the dreams, which Atal ji had seen for J&K, Modi will use all his might to fulfill them,' he said. He warned against attempts to link religion to politics, and asserted that the BJP Government at the Centre was committed to development of the State. 'Our mantra is only development, development and development,' he said, adding 'I will return your trust in me with interest by ensuring full fledged development in J&K by making Jammu and Kashmir the most modern and developed State, which would be full of job opportunities, development works, return of Bollywood and Kashmir will once again be a heaven on the world as it used to be.' 'What are the feelings of our youth in Kashmir. What does he want? Will somebody listen to him? I understand this State. I understand their heart beat. I understand their wishes and aspirations and for that whatever has happened in the past has happened. We will not allow them to get misled or destroyed and shall not allow this country to be destroyed. The path of self destruction of the youth of J&K is not acceptable to us. That is why, I have come here to make a request to you. Do not connect politics with religion', he said, clearly reaching out to voters in Kashmir. Modi said: 'a Kashmiri is a Kashmiri. He goes to a mosque, a temple and Gurudwara. That is his own matter of faith. For me he is a Kashmiri and for us the task is to change his destiny and change the destiny of Kashmir and this is our dream, which we have to fulfill'. The Prime Minister declared that the BJP does not believe in discrimination but in the mantra of 'sab ka saath sab ka vikas'. 'Even in America they have tried it. We need every body's support for development,' he said and did not refer to the issue of Article 370 which gives special status to J&K. Modi said his wish is to complete the work started by Vajpayee. 'It is my wish and I will come repeatedly here for that,' the Prime Minister said amid chanting of 'Modi, Modi' from the audience. 'Please give me an opportunity. If you give me one opportunity you will never regret as I am going to give you the first ever clean, efficient and corruption free Government,' he declared and called upon the people to reject the parties, which have made 'family raj' and 'corruption' as their only agendas while being in power. Modi said he had deep affection for Kashmir. 'Affection from the core of my heart and soul,' he said adding that other political parties were surprised that there has not been even a single month when Modi has not come to Kashmir. 'I came here in July, August, September, October and now in November,' Modi said referring to himself. Modi had visited Jammu and Kashmir in first week of July to launch train to Katra and Uri-II power project, in August to inaugurate power projects in Leh and Kargil, in September to Jammu and Kashmir to review relief and rehabilitation measures for flood victims and in October to celebrate Diwali with flood hit people in Srinagar. Recalling the NDA rule under Vajpayee, Modi said: 'every Kashmiri thought that now their dreams will be fulfilled. But during last 10 years, what has happened with Kashmir and its situation. The State has been spoiled. Things have gone from bad to worst. We will bring back the glory of Jammu and Kashmir. Harping on the issue of development, he said digital India and skill India initiatives should start from J&K. 'I am for development and I want to debate development and ensure that development takes a fast path in J&K,' Modi declared. Wondering why the Bollywood left Kashmir, the Prime Minister said there was a time when no movie was made without shoot in Kashmir. 'Today, the Bollywood has turned towards Switzerland. Why it has happened? Who is responsible for this? We will bring the Bollywood back to Kashmir so that the people earned benefits out of it,' he declared. Taking strong exception to lies being spread by some quarters on the issue of refugees being denied their rights, the Prime Minister declared that nearly 12 lakh refugees in Jammu and Kashmir will get their all deserving rights. 'This is the commitment of Modi. Whatever I have said will be done. What has not been done for last five years, we will do that. There is no need to go by the rumours. We will give all refugees their all rights,' he declared setting at rest the speculations in this regard. Taking a dig at the Government on poor plight of the people, the Prime Minister said a delegation of students of Rajouri met him recently and told him that their village had even no television set to watch them meeting with the Prime Minister. 'For the first time, all villagers contributed and purchased one television to watch students of their village meeting the Prime Minister. This explains how backward the State has been left by the successive rulers,' he said. Referring to Kutch region of Gujarat, Modi said when he took over as the Chief Minister the Government employees were afraid of getting posted there. 'Those who were posted in Kutch were given tearful adieu as their families were not sure whether they will return alive or not. The people were deserting Kutch in the absence of development and job opportunities. But today, Muslim-dominated Kutch is most fast developing district in the country,' he said and asked: 'why can't Kishtwar and other such areas of Jammu and Kashmir develop like Kutch'? 'A will power is required to develop the State. We will develop Jammu and Kashmir and make it the most modern State of the country,' he declared amidst cheers and clapping from the crowd. 'If Kutch can be developed, Kashmir can be developed too,' Modi said. 'The way I come repeatedly to Kashmir, I used to visit Kutch as Chief Minister of Gujarat. Kutch is an area where majority population is Muslims There were no avenues for employment and livelihood During the past 10 years, Kutch has become India's fastest developed district,' he said. 'Within 15-km range of Kutch, 8,000 mega watt electricity is being produced. There are cloth manufacturing units and other industries that provide jobs to over 3,000 people. Earlier, there was no water and people were moving out in search of employment 'It is not being done here in J&K,' Modi told the audience, majority of whom had come from far-flung areas of Kishtwar, Paddar, Doda, Bhaderwah, Chatroo, Banihal and Palmar in the mountainous Chenab Valley. 'With that experience, I want to tell the people of J&K that if there can be development in Kutch there is also possibility of development in Kashmir How long we will wait and watch to see our young generation getting destroyed and running from pillar to post for employment. There is a strong need for Kashmiri youths to get employments. People here are honest and lovable,' he said. Taking a swipe at Chief Minister Omar Abdullah and NC supremo Farooq Abdullah, Modi told the rally 'Do you know the size of the pipe that supplies water to the Kutch area from Narmada river? The size of pipe is such that the full Abdullah family can sit in a car and drive through it.' Modi wondered what the successive Governments in Jammu and Kashmir have done for development of the State. 'River Chenab is just two and half kilometers from Kishtwar. Still, the Government is unable to bring Chenab water to the houses. Still, you want such Governments or the BJP Government, which will change entire scenario of the State,' he said. Declaring that 'Digital and Skill India' will develop from Kashmir, Modi said he will showcase Kashmir to entire world and bring tourists, development and jobs for the State in large scale. Thanking the people for turning up in large numbers, Modi said, 'Can anybody imagine in this cold climate such a big rally can be held No political outfit has been able to do such a big rally since Independence here. This is due to love of the people. I owe it to you.' 'There are winds of change in the air in J&K,' Modi said. 'Whenever I have come to the State I have come with the motive of development or to wipe out your tears When Srinagar was drowned in floods I came to share your grief,' he said, adding 'who does not want to celebrate Diwali with their own family but I came here to be with you during Diwali'. On development of the tourism sector, the Prime Minister said, 'If there is one industry that is growing at fast pace in the world, it is tourism. It is only in J&K where tourism witnessed a downfall. Had we been ahead in tourism today, J&K would have been the most prosperous State in India.' 'Foreign tourists would have visited this State. Give you dollars, pounds and there would have been huge economic prosperity and I have to regain that State of tourism in J&K. People from world would be invited and showcased Kashmir to the world on your strength and with dignity,' he said. BJP has fielded Muslim candidates in two out of six seats of the Chenab Valley - Tariq Keen from Inderwal constituency and Showkat Daing from Banihal. They spoke at length targeting NC, Congress and PDP for fooling people by dubbing BJP as a 'Hindu Party'. Minister of State in PMO Dr Jitendra Singh, who was the only speaker on arrival of Modi, said Jammu and Kashmir has not witnessed the development during past 65 years of independence and time has now come for the people to vote the BJP Government to power and see the State developing at fast pace. 'Even democracy has not been established in Jammu and Kashmir as only two parties were ruling the State. The 'Parivarvaad' has flourished in Jammu and Kashmir and not the democracy. Time has come to end this dynasty rule and vote BJP Government to power,' Dr Singh, the MP from Udhampur-Doda Lok Sabha seat, whose speech also drew massive applause from the crowd, said. 'The common man has been left unemployed, illiterate and under developed while the rulers have made merry. When 125 crore Indians under the leadership of Narendra Modi were witnessing fruits of development, J&K has lagged behind. Now it's the time for the BJP Government to make Jammu and Kashmir most developed States,' he said. Dr Singh said the BJP will given clean, efficient and honest Government like Gujarat, Chhatisgarh, Madhya Pradesh etc, which would be free of any dynasty and development will percolate even to the remotest areas of the State.