Abdullahs And Muftis Remember Kashmir Issue Only During Polls: Sajad Lone

29 November 2014
The Hindustan Times

Srinagar: Accusing the ruling National Conference (NC) and opposition People's Democratic Party (PDP) of deceiving people, chairman of the People's Conference (PC) Sajad Lone on Saturday said the 'dynastic political parties' remember Kashmiris only at the time of elections. Lone was addressing a gathering at Langate in the border district of Kupwara. Addressing the gathering, Lone said, 'At the time of elections both Abdullahs and Muftis claim that they will resolve Kashmir issue and seek votes for this. But once in power they forget everything and remember only one thing - to loot the public exchequer.' The PC chief said the people of Kashmir had a right to ask of the two parties about what they have done for them in the last six decades. 'This time leadership of both NC and PDP are blaming each other for the miseries of Kashmiris. The fact is that these two families have ruled for decades and they have to answer for the miseries of Kashmir,' Lone added. Lone said the Abdullahs and Muftis have always compromised the interests of Kashmir for the 'lust of power'. Expressing surprise over the statements of NC and PDP that they will safeguard the interests of Kashmiris and won't allow anybody to abrogate Article 370, the PC chief said: 'I want to ask both these parties that who is responsible for eroding the core content of Article 370? Let people check the history and see who is responsible for eroding Article 370.' 'By shedding crocodile tears now, they can't befool Kashmiris who have understood their deceit.' He termed the statements of NC and PDP leadership on Article 370 as mere frustration. 'Both these parties have realized that people of Kashmir will vote them out of power and now are playing a drama which won't help them,' Lone added.