Kashmiris Have Full Faith In Me, Not J&K Govt: PM

8 December 2014
The Daily Excelsior
Fayaz Bukhari

Srinagar: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said that people of Kashmir have full faith on him than the State Government and described it as biggest asset for him. While addressing a poll rally in Srinagar's Sher-e-Kashmir Cricket Stadium, Modi clad in traditional local gown (pheran) said that he was surprised when people of Kashmir reposed trust on him by saying that the money meant for flood victims be transferred directly into their accounts rather than giving it to the State Government. 'I did not celebrate Diwali. I came amongst you, to listen to your problems. I had made a scheme for whatever you help needed. That time many families came to meet me. Everyone said Modiji do one thing, please, don't give the money to State Government. Transfer it to our bank accounts directly. I was surprised that people of Kashmir have no faith in their Government but had faith in Modi. This trust is a big asset for me. So much love and trust, inspires me to give my life for you. It is this love and trust that I want to do something for you', said Prime Minister. Braving the chilly weather conditions large number of people waited for at least 5 hours inside the Cricket stadium to listen to Modi during his maiden rally in Kashmir. People had come from several areas of Kashmir in large numbers to attend the rally. They had to foot the distance of several kilometers to the venue of the rally due to security concerns and were frisked at around half a dozen places. Srinagar was virtually turned into a garrison to prevent any disruption of the rally. Modi said that he wants to take Kashmir to new developmental heights. He said if Kutch can progress Kashmir can also progress. 'We have to take Kashmir to new heights of development. I went to Kutch again and again to serve the earthquake affected people. We built houses and roads, hospitals. But never talked about Pakistan. The result is that today I say it with pride that Kutch which was flattened by the quake, is the fastest progressing district of the country. If Kutch can progress, Kashmir can also progress. I have come with that experience and determination', said Prime Minister. Modi while giving example of Kutch said that rather than talking emotive issues his mantra is development. 'I want to tell people of Kashmir my experience from Kutch. After the 2001 earthquake, I became the Chief Minister of Gujarat and I visited the area, which is close to Pakistan and has large Muslim population. I went there and met the people. They said every leader and delegation that comes here talks about the border and Pakistan and activities of Pakistan but no one talks about our problems and tragedy. I asked them what you expect of me. They said at least, you don't tread that path. If you want to serve Kutch, it will not happen by discussing Pakistan but by talking about the problems of the people. I made it my mantra', he added. Prime Minister promised the people of Kashmir that he will not forget the love shown by them towards him. 'I have been told that since 1983, this is the first time that someone has dared to hold a rally inside the stadium. My dear brothers and sisters from Kashmir, the love you have showered on me, I will never forget this love. And I assure you that I will return this love with interest', he added. Modi asked Kashmiris to reject the dynasty rule and vote for his party and he will bring entire Government to their service. 'What have you seen in Kashmir? Either it was Congress Government or Father-Son government or Father-Daughter Government. You have seen all three types of Government. What did you get? What did they give? For themselves, they got everything but did nothing for you. Get rid of all three of them for once and give me a chance to serve you. I will make your dreams my own. I will put my entire government at you service', he added. Prime Minister said that corruption is the biggest impediment in the way of development and common can't progress unless it is rooted out. 'Enough is enough, corruption has destroyed Jammu and Kashmir. Terrorism has ended but corruption has not. The biggest challenge we face is to end corruption. Unless corruption ends, the common man in Kashmir cannot progress. Those who indulge in corruption, there is no one to ask. They don't have to cry but my poor brothers and sisters do', he added. Modi said that he also told the SAARC nations meeting that poverty, and unemployment and corruption should be jointly fought. 'SAARC nations meeting. I said there also and repeat it. What is the biggest danger we face? Who are we fighting for? And what are we fighting for? I said let us work shoulder and shoulder and fight poverty, and unemployment and corruption', he added. Prime Minister said that he shares the grief and loss the people of Kashmir have suffered during past few decades. 'In Kashmir, Army soldiers have died, police personnel have also been martyred but children of innocent families have also been killed. This is not a small loss. No words can undo this loss but the sorrows are lessened by sharing. I, as the Prime servant of the country, your sorrow is my sorrow, your pain is my pain and your tragedy is my tragedy', he added. Modi lauded the armed forces for the role they have played in safeguarding the lives of the people. 'Every mother's son is dear to her. Every mother's son's blood is priceless. Anyone getting killed, the pain is felt by the country as much as the mother feels it. Since independence, to protect our citizens, 33,000 policemen have sacrificed their lives. Army soldiers have also given sacrifices. When the floods struck (Kashmir), the Army soldiers served the people. While saving the people, the Army personnel died. To protect the people at the risk of their lives has been our mantra', he added. Prime Minister said that he has come for delivering justice to the people of Kashmir. 'but anyone makes a mistake for the first time in 30 years, it is the Modi Government's achievement, that army admitted that the killing of two youth (at Chattergam in Budgam district) was a mistake. An inquiry commission probed the matter and those who fired the bullets were charged (for it). This is the proof of my good intentions. This has not happened in 30 years. I have come to provide you justice', he added. Earlier, Minister in Prime Minister Officer, Dr Jitendra Singh, while welcoming him said that he (Modi) has set an example by helping people of Kashmir in floods. 'I welcome Prime Minister to Kashmir. There is no one in the world who doesn't know you and your work. You have set an example by helping people of Kashmir in floods. Your generosity will be talked about for generations. Kashmir valley has faced lot of problems from roads to electricity due to the successive governments and some due to terror. Now there is a new hope and there is a new beginning. Time has come that the people of Kashmir should come out like 125 crore people of the country and follow your path which you have shown about development, peace, prosperity and corruption free environment', he said. Singh said that the time has come to end dynasty rule in the State. 'Time has come to end dynasty rule in Kashmir. It is time to overthrow the throne. It is time to leave behind the past and move towards future by following the path of Narendra Modi', he added. Earlier, Modi visited the Army headquarters here and paid tributes to the soldiers killed in Friday's deadly militant attack in Uri. Modi visited the Army's Badami Bagh headquarters and laid floral wreath at the war memorial as a tribute to the eight soldiers who laid down their lives while repulsing the militant attack in Uri.