2014 Polls First Without Hidden Delhi Hand: NC

15 December 2014
Kashmir Observer

Srinagar: National Conference on Monday said 2014 Assembly election is a watershed moment in the history of Jammu and Kashmir as no Indian agency interfered or tried to back any candidate in these elections. 'This thing has happened for the first time when no Indian agency interfered in poll process in Jammu and Kashmir', senior NC leader and Additional General Secretary of the party Dr Sheikh Mustafa Kamal said. In 2002, Indian agencies played an active role and backed several candidates and ensured their victory,' he said adding that 2014 elections in the state were conducted in free and fair manner so far. He alleged that BJP and PDP played politics on flood fury and tried their best to mislead the voters of Kashmir. 'BJP spread the word that National Conference failed to put a balm on the wounds of flood victims and this party along with PDP tried to gain maximum out of this,' Kamal said adding that BJP will not secure a single seat in Kashmir. 'Not speaking of Kashmir, BJP will not be able reach to double digit figure. This party will secure only 7 to 9 seats,' Kamal said and added that both Narendra Modi and Mufti Muhammad Sayeed were in touch to keep National Conference out of power. He said that NC will emerge as the single largest party that will form the government without taking support from any party or candidate. 'The political pundits have written us off but come December 23 and they will see how NC will emerge as the biggest party,' he said. Veteran leader said that National Conference will never forge an alliance with BJP. 'BJP is a communal party that is hell bent to divide the state on communal lines. This party is encouraging forcible conversions and NC will never join hands with this party,' he said.