Curtailment In Flights Hits Courier Service In Valley

16 December 2014
Rising Kashmir
Junaid Kathju

Srinagar: Curtailment in flights to Srinagar has badly hit the courier service for Valley. People are complaining of late delivery of the courier coming from different parts of India. Locals are complaining that companies are delivering their courier after a week which should have reached them in two days only from Delhi. 'It has been seven days since I ordered a bag of medicine from Delhi but I still haven't received it. Every day I am calling Courier Company but they are saying that my courier might have been offloaded,' said a local Zahid A Bhat. Owing to the mass-cancellation holiday plans of visitors to Kashmir due to recent floods, the airlines have reduced the number of flights operation on Kashmir route. Airport Director Rajesh Shinde told Rising Kashmir due to decrease in tourist influx and onset of winter season in Valley, operation of 13 flights has been reduced. 'Many airlines have reduced the number of flights for Srinagar airport. Earlier, 32 flights used to fly to Kashmir which has now reduced to 19 flights a day,' said Shinde. However, the decision of airline companies has directly hit the courier service companies operating in the valley. Franchise owner of 'Trackon Couriers Pvt. Ltd' in Srinagar, Wasim Ahmad Dar told Rising Kashmir that the reduction in the frequency of flights to Kashmir has impacted courier services in valley. 'We are not able to meet the requirements of our customers. The parcels are getting delayed due to the operation of less number of flights to valley,' said Dar. Dar said earlier his company used to receive 60 parcels a day which has reduced to around 30 now. 'Airlines are offloading the parcels. Many packages are being left out due to the less space in the flights to valley. A parcel that generally takes two days to reach to Srinagar now reaches after six days,' said Dar. Dar said due to the delay, courier companies is losing huge business in the valley. 'If the situation remains same, we will lose our business. We toiled hard to resume our businesses after the floods,' said Dar. Disruption in Spice Jet operations has also affected courier services. A message on website of the 'Trackon Couriers' mentions that no commitment can be made for the delivery of the courier. The massage reads, 'Due to disruption in Spice Jet ops, load movement by air is badly affected. Do not commit any time limit for PRIME or Normal service.' President Kashmir Courier Association Qari Zahoor said, 'Most of the flights are still carrying the relief material for the flood victims which has resulted in the delay of the courier consignments.' He said less number of flights operating on Kashmir route is another factor. 'I used to receive 127 bags per day which has now come down to only 45 parcels.' Zahoor said the courier companies are facing humiliation in the name of security at international airport to send their packages to other states of India. 'Our electronic items are not being allowed to be flown to other states. Even if a pen-drive is found in the parcel our entire consignment gets cancelled,' said Zahoor. He said road connectivity, eruption of electricity and frequent strikes in valley are other reasons in delay of courier packages. However, despite several attempts no official from the airlines companies were able to be contacted.