NC, PDP And Congress Will Be Wiped Out Even From Valley: PM Modi

16 December 2014
Zee News

Jammu: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday slammed the opposition parties in Jammu and Kashmir for claiming that BJP will not be able open an account in Kashmir Valley, saying 'Kashmir-centric' parties will in fact draw a blank in the region. Referring to reported statements of NC, Congress and PDP leadership recently that BJP will not get even a single seat from Kashmir, Modi said,'When I read the statements of NC, PDP and Congress these days, I feel astonished about on them (for regional bias)'. 'These parties are resorting to statements that BJP will not get even a seat from Kashmir. Why this use of language of discrimination? Why use of this language of separating Kashmir from Jammu. Is their behaviour is right?' Modi asked. The Prime Minister said that these parties will be wiped out even from Kashmir and Ladakh. 'Does it suit these parties to speak of a regional divide in terms of the Kashmir Valley and the Jammu region? I must tell these leaders that the people of the state have sealed their political future for good,' he said. Raking up the alleged discrimination with the Jammu region, Modi said,'I was listening to the people about the discrimination being meted out to them by 'Kashmir-centric' parties during my previous visits here as party leader. 'Their problems and step-motherly treatment given to them by Kashmir-centric rulers'. The Prime Minister appealed the people of the Jammu region, from where 20 seats are going to the poll in the last phase, to ensure that none of the 'Kashmir-centric' parties are not able to open an account. Modi, who visited Jammu and Kashmir five times, addressed rally in Jammu's MAM stadium to woo the voters of Jammu, Rajouri and Kathua going to polls on December 20. He urged people to break all the previous records of voting and give a befitting reply to gun by pressing the buttons of EVM machine. Modi said,'I want to tell them they will not figure even in Kashmir and Ladakh. People have given you the farewell. 'It is only wait of the results, the people have sealed your future'. Seeking vote from people of Jammu, the PM said,'I have come here specially to urge the voters of Jammu's 20 seats that I have to challenge your self-esteem (swabhimaan)? I have come to challenge your inner consciousness'. 'I want to tell you (Jammu people) to reply to those who say that in Kashmir Valley you (BJP) will not get even a single seat, you tell them (NC, PDP and CONG) that you will not get a single seat in the 20 seats here,' the PM said. Hitting out at Congress, Modi asked,'Who have done maximum loss to Jammu. It is Congress. Congress emerges victorious in Kashmir but damages cause and interests of the Jammu region'. 'They (Congress) enters into trade with Kashmir and parties like NC and PDP. It is time to tell them do not damage the cause of Jammu region. Whoever among NC, PDP gets more seats, Congress supports them. They (Cong) have always mislead the people of Jammu and traded their votes with Kashmir,' Modi said. 'Congress finds takers from Kashmir and Ladakh but they continue feed on Jammu. They are intruders. They intrude into every government (for sake of power)- whether it NC or PDP. 'They fight election separately because they want to mislead the people of Jammu by becoming the commander-in-chief of NC and PDP. They have become contractors for NC and PDP,' he said. 'Congress has used shoulders of Jammu people to destroy the future of Jammu and Kashmir. For this, Jammu people should be angry, that those, who have sold the interest of the region should not be given any more opportunities'. Asking people to punish Congress, Modi said,'Punishment is the only remedy to bring a spoil child on right path.' Referring to the BJP's victory in Lok Sabha polls, Modi said, 'Country's people have done a great job. They have thrown out Congress not only from the governance but also from opposition.' 'Democracy has the power that even poor people voice is being heard. Your sorrows are mine and your problems are mine. I will return the love you have given to me with interest by ensuring development,' he said. 'Today, the world is watching Jammu and Kashmir with surprise that what has happened to people of the state. The polling that has taken place in J&K, whether it is Ladakh or in Kashmir, has broken all records. The record of last 40 years have been broken,' Modi said. He appealed the people of the region to break all the previous records of polling. 'Do it and the world will salute you,' the Prime Minister said. 'Give us full mandate, I promise you to ensure development era in Jammu and Kashmir. In 20 seats, where polling is being held in the last phase, I want to urge you that none of parties should open an account here'. Modi said 'If someone is misleading you to have trust in AK-47 rifle, people of Jammu should show them that finger pressing EVM machine has more power than the finger on trigger.'