Grand Alliance With Congress And NC Possible: PDP

29 December 2014

Srinagar: Giving a new spin to the negotionas on government formation in Jammu and Kashmir, People's Democratic Party (PDP) on Monday said the grand alliance of the Congress-National Conference-PDP can be one of the options. 'Congress-NC-PDP grand alliance is one of the options which has been proposed by Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad,' said Naeem Akthar, chief spokesman of the PDP. A few days ago Azad had proposed an alliance of the three parties with PDP patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed as the chief minister. The development had come after both Congress and NC offered unconditional support to PDP to form the government. Akthar also ruled out a grand alliance of PDP-Congress-BJP saying it is not possible. However, the proposed grand alliance of three parties - Congress-National Conference-PDP - received a setback on Monday after NC ruled out being part of it. 'Azad sahib has clearly said he has 12 MLAs of his own and support of four independents. Sixteen MLAs of Congress and 28 of PDP reaches the majority mark of 44. How many electoral weddings does Mufti sahib need to have? He needs one and let him have the one he wants. NC will not be part of three-party alliance,' Junaid Azim Mattu, NC spokesman, told dna. Junaid said if PDP and Congress go together, Kashmir, particularly the valley, will be devoid of a credible opposition. 'We can't leave the valley without the opposition. We are not looking for grand alliance. We have offered our support to PDP. They do not need anybody else. Now if they want somebody else, they are just playing to the gallery,' he said.