BJP Warns Division Of State

30 December 2014
Rising Kashmir
Ishfaq Naseem

Srinagar: The rightwing BJP Tuesday warned that unity of the State was under threat in case people of Jammu are kept out of the government formation. 'BJP has been given mandate by people of Jammu to be part of the government in the State. Ignoring the aspirations of the region will only divide the State on communal lines,' senior BJP leader, Prof Hari Om, told Rising Kashmir. BJP has emerged as second largest part by winning 25 seats in 87-member J&K Assembly. The saffron party won all its seats from the Jammu region. PDP has emerged as single largest party with 28 seats followed by National Conference and Congress with 15 and 12 seats respectively. 'PDP and NC are both hoodwinking people of Kashmir when they suggest that they have got the absolute mandate from the Valley. Both the parties together are short of numbers and any attempt to ignore aspirations of people of the Jammu region will only lead to the division of the state on communal lines,' said Hari Om. He said coalition between the NC, Congress and PDP was a 'communal proposition' and the party will oppose it tooth and nail. The BJP leader also raked up the issue of alleged discrimination being faced by the Jammu region in terms of its overall share in the developmental projects of the State. The saffron party is trying to broker an alliance with regional parties - PDP and NC, but there seems to be no headway in sight in view of the serious ideologies differences between the parties. Both NC and Congress have offered their support to PDP for forming coalition government in the State with Mufti Mohammad Sayeed as chief minister. PDP had yesterday said it was open for grand alliance with NC and Congress, the proposal floated by Ghulam Nabi Azad, for forming the stable government in the State. The results have polarised the state, but option of an alliance between NC, PDP and Congress is largely seen as a move by secular parties, here, to keep the BJP at bay. BJP has been demanding scrapping of Article 370, granting special status to Jammu and Kashmir, and advocates complete merger of the State with Indian Union. The party is also critical of 'minority appeasement policy' of the Congress and describes verdict in J&K as vindication of its 'pro-Hindu stand'.