Govt Withdraws Circular On State Flag Display

13 March 2015
Rising Kashmir

Jammu: The government has withdrawn circular making it mandatory on constitutional authorities to display State flag alongwith union flag. An official spokesman said the Government is pursuing since December 1, 2013 a court case in the J&K High Court wherein the petitioner has prayed for a direction that the Republic Day of the State of J&K should be celebrated when the State Constitution was adopted and became enforceable. It was also prayed that all the constitutional authorities be commanded to use the Flag of the State in all their official cars, offices and buildings with dignity and honor demonstrating the sanctity of the Flag. He said the government had not responded to the case and had not filed a reply as desired by the Court. 'The court gave a last chance to the State Government to file a reply on or before it comes up for hearing which was expected to be anytime now.' The spokesman said to avoid any adverse order in a sensitive Constitutional matter, the government intended to file an affidavit in the Court today contesting all the pleas made by the petitioner. In the affidavit, it stated that it will issue a circular reiterating the respect that is to be accorded to the Union as also the State Flag taking recourse to J&K Prevention of Insult to the State Honour Act, 1979, in the latter case. 'The draft of the circular issued yesterday on display of State flag was not approved by the Competent Authority and as such stands withdrawn with immediate effect. Appropriate administrative action will be taken after enquiry into the circumstances leading to the issuing of this circular,' added the spokesman. The government had yesterday issued a circular asking all constitutional authorities to maintain the sanctity of the state flag, at all costs, as is being done in respect of the Union Flag. Jammu and Kashmir has a separate constitution and separate flag unlike other states under special status.