60,000 Families Left Kashmir In 1990: Govt

20 March 2015
Greater Kashmir
Pardeep Singh Bali

Jammu: Jammu and Kashmir Government today said that approximately 60, 000 families, including Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and others migrated from Kashmir due to security threat in 1990. In a written reply to the question asked by Dr Bashir Ahmad Veeri about details of families who migrated in 1990, the government said that in the said year most Kashmiri Pandit families along with some families of Sikhs and Muslims migrated from Kashmir to Jammu and other places of the country. 'Approximately Sixty thousand families migrated from Kashmir due to security threat, out of which 41117 families comprising 37128 Hindus, 2246 Muslims, 1738 Sikhs and five others,' maintained government, adding 'Total 41117 families are registered with the Relief Organization Jammu, including 149136 souls in Jammu and 21333 families in different states of the country,' the reply stated. To other part of the question, about how many states have kept reservation for different professional and non-professional courses for Kashmiri migrants, the government said that at least 12 states have reserved seats for Kashmiri migrant students in different professional and non professional courses, in addition to the Union Territory of Chandigarh. 'These states presently continue to provide admission to migrant students on the basis of migration certificates issued by Relief Commissioner (migrants),' said government. Meanwhile, in reply to next part of the question, on re -integration of migrants, government held, 'For the return and rehabilitation of Kashmiri migrants back to Kashmir, Government of India and State government sanctioned a rehabilitation package of Rs 1618.40 crore,' adding 'Due to poor response from the migrants, the package could not be implemented fully except in respect of two components of the package.' However, government said that it was felt that the existing package needs some changes and accordingly a revised package was formulated and has been submitted to government of India after seeking approval of the state cabinet. 'Once approval of the revised package is received, migrant families will be asked to avail incentives available under the package for their return and rehabilitation in valley,' said the government.