Mufti Playing Footsie With Pakistan, Modi Watching Haplessly: Congress

21 March 2015

Jammu: Hitting out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for failure to rein in Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mufti Sayeed over his alleged Pro-Pak stance, Congress on Saturday said that the twin attacks were the direct fall out of Mufti playing footsie with Pakistan, separatist and militants. 'The two consecutive attack by the militants- first in Kathua on Friday and today in Samba- is the direct fall out of Chief Minister playing footsie with Pakistan, separatist and militants and the failure of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in reining in Mufti,' Congress Legislature Party (CLP) leader, Nawang Rigzin Jora told reporters in Jammu. 'Emboldened by his statement immediately after swearing in where he thanked Pakistan, separatist and Hurriyat, the militants are now striking at will,' Jora said. 'The BJP which had all along claimed to be the sole guardian of national interest 'needing no lesson from anybody' as claimed by Prime Minister in the parliament recently, watches haplessly and helplessly,' he said. Jora also warned that a prolonged 'confused policy' on the part of state government could revive extremism in Jammu and Kashmir. 'If this confused policy of the PDP-BJP government is allowed to be further confounded, the people of the state will have to prepare themselves to witness revival of terrorism in the state once again,' he said. Jora exhorted that all the gains of the past 12 years under PDP-Congress and NC-Congress regimes cannot be allowed to go down the drain when people of the state had reaped rich peace dividends in terms of economic prosperity and accelerated development activities thanks to former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's reconstruction package. The former minister accused the BJP-led NDA government at the Centre of lacking a coherent policy with regard to Pakistan and the handling of separatist and militancy in the state. Jora said, 'the NDA stand at best can be described as swinging from one end of the pendulum to the other end. One moment, there is bonhomie with PM Modi inviting Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif for swearing in ceremony followed by exchange of gifts of shawl and sari between the two leaders to be followed by suspension of talks between the foreign secretaries of two countries on the lame excuse of Hurriyat leaders meeting Pakistan High Commissioner.' Jora also pointed out, what followed again was an unsolicited phone call by PM Modi to Nawaz Sharif and sending his newly appointed Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar to Pakistan in the guise of SAARC country visit- while the truth was something else. CPL leader questions 'can somebody explain what is going on? Can the foreign policy of a large democratic country run on impulsive mood swings of the PM? Or should it be run on well thought out and well calibrated policy framework.' The two time Minister exhorted, 'either you talk or you don't. If you talk, do so with some well thought objective and outcomes.' Jora expressed doubts whether the talks can yield anything substantive especially in the light of PM Modi's recent assertion in the parliament of implementing parliamentary resolution 'in letter and spirit'. The state Chief Minister Mufti Sayeed, who as the Union Home Minister imposed AFSPA in J&K, is now talking of withdrawal of it, questioned Jora. 'Does Mufti want our officers and jawan of security forces to be 'canon fodder' for the militant just so that he can please his sympathizers across the border and the separatists in the state. Politics cannot be allowed to take precedence over national security,' he said. Blaming Mufti for the two dastardly attacks, Jora asked BJP to explain whether they were not compromising the interest of national security in aligning with PDP. Accusing Mufti of being soft on separatist and militants, Jora pointed that Mufti chose to call militants as non-state-actors instead of terrorist and militants, as if this will lessen their crime. He also pointed out that the PDP-BJP government is locked in an unending cycle of appeasement- PDP pandering to Pakistan, separatist, militant and Hurriyat and BJP to its hardcore Hinduvta elements, the ones of 'Jis Kashmir Ko Khoon se seenche who Kashmir hamara hai,' the love-jihadis and the ones accusing Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi being an English agent types. This is what we got as a government after two month long negotiation, lamented Jora adding that the sooner this government goes the safer will be the state and nation.