Mufti Buckled Under Separatist Pressure: APMCC

10 April 2015
Scoop News

Jammu: Various Kashmiri Pandit organizations have expressed their dismay over the opposition by National Conference,Hurriyat and some other mainstream parties to the composite township within Valley for rehabilitation of terrorism victims leading an exiled life outside Kashmir for over last 25 years. All Parties Migrants Co-ordination Committee (APMCC) has condemned the separatist leaders, National Conference and Er Rasheed for their opposition to the return of Kashmiri Pandit migrants to Valley in composite townships and questioned the credibility of J&K Chief Minister Mufti Mohd Sayeed for changing his stance under pressure from Hurriyat. Addressing a joint press conference here today Vinod Pandit, Chairman and King Bharati, National Spokesperson APMCC along with Advocate Arun Kandroo, Gen Secy and GL Bhat took a serious note of the nexus between mainstream politicians and separatist elements in Kashmir for opposing the return of Kashmiri Pandits to Valley in townships saying they have no business to tell KPs where to live in Valley. Expressing serious concern over the developments leaders Mr Vinod that there was a nexus between National conference and Hurriyat as both along with Er Rasheed were talking in same language when it comes to the return of Pandits to Valley. He said that it was KPs prerogative when to return, where to return and how to live saying nobody can dictate terms to them adding separatists and mainstream political parties were befooling GOI over township issue knowing well that majority of KPs were forced to sell their land and property in Kashmir. King Bharati, National Spokesperson while condemning the stance of the separatists, NC and Er Rasheed questioned the credibility of the ruling government which has buckled under pressure from Hurriyat and taken a complete U-turn. Bharati said that the announcement and the whole idea was ill-timed and irrelevant as the real stakeholders are never taken into confidence over the return of Pandits to Valley adding separate townships was a necessity to keep unique tradition and rituals of Kashmiri Pandits intact. He reiterated his demand of constituting National Level Apex Committee comprising ground level leaders under the direct supervision of Government of India to formulate any return plan adding only KPs themselves would decide how and where to live. The leaders were unanimous in condemnation of the Militants, Hurriyat and other separatist leaders as well as National Conference and Er Rasheed for reaping political gains over the miseries of Kashmiri Pandits. President KP Sabha K K Khosa said the reaction of most of the separatists towards the latest proposal of the govt. including that of hard core militants like Yasin Malik and his ilk is highly reprehensible and shows the deep hatred which they have for the miniscule minority of Kashmiri Pandits. Knowing well that more than 60-70 percent of the pandits have sold off their properties during the last 25 years his statement that they should return to their original places of residence is ample proof that they are against the return of the community per se otherwise they would have also stated that the new owners of these properties would have to vacate the same. He said since this cannot be a viable proposition therefore to raise their objections to other proposals of return proves that they were squarely responsible for the exodus of the community and are therefore totally against its return under any circumstances. This raises vital issues of the right of the Pandits to regain the land of their forefathers which is inalienable and any denial of this right will prove disastrous to not only the Kashmiris but to the entire nation in the long run. I make a fervent appeal to both the State and the Central Govts. to put all these traitors behind bars and assert their authority before we loose our faith in the establishment. Any weakness at this stage will further embolden these fringe elements who are the greatest violators of human rights and are confirmed anti nationals who have no right to live in this country and enjoy the fruits of its democracy,' Khosa added. All State Kashmiri Pandit Conference (ASKPC) has expressed its grave concern over the statement some NC leaders, separatist leader Yasin Malik and MLA Engineer Rashid opposing the settlement of displaced people in a composite township in Valley. ASKPC which met here today under the leadership of its president R K Raina said the Pandits were hounded out by separatist elements with derogatory slogans, threatening posters and selective killings and now after 26 years of displacement such people are dictating terms on the settlement of community in the Valley. The ASKPC while condemning such outrageous statements said Pandits do not need any advice with regard to their rehabilitation in Valley Jammu Kashmir Vichar Manch (JKVM) has also expressed its surprise and dismay over the statement of some NC, leaders and separatists over the construction of composite township in Valley. The senior vice president of the Manch, Dr R L Bhat said that this shows the mindset of certain political leaders belonging to main stream parties and those of separatists who are opposed to the settlement of displaced people in Valley. He said these organizations were hand in glove and part of the conspiracy that forced the mass exodus of minorities from Valley in 1989-90 and put the Valley in the hands of merchants of death. Kundan Kashmiri president Kashmiri Pandit Conference (KPC) while strongly reacting to the outbursts of NC leaders and separatists said though his organization stands for carving out of a separate Kashyap State within Valley and is not in favour of composite township still the statement given by NC leadership which claims to champion the cause of secularism has hurt him. He said by siding with Hurriyat and other separatist organizations it appears that NC has come into its true colours now. He said it was the NC which in alliance with Congress was in power in 1989-90 when mass exodus of Pandits took place after the then coalition failed to fulfill its Constitutional obligation to ensure security to this miniscule minority in Valley. Kashmiri also demanded that security of Hurriyat leaders be withdrawn and urged the GoI not to accord any reception to visiting Pak dignitaries in future in view of the dubious role of Pak government. All Migrant Camp Coordination Committee (AMCCC) president Desh Rattan and Migrant Welfare Committee leader Jagti Pinto Ji have also condemned Hurriyat and NC role on construction of a composite township in Valley. In their separate statements they said that such a township is need of the hour and majority of Kashmiri Muslims are also in its favour. Youth All India Kashmiri Samaj (YAIKS) held a protest demonstration to protest against the separatist leadership. The protestors with pla cards and banners in their hands shouted slogans against the separatists. Led by its president R K Bhat the YAIKS activists protested against the vested interests and anti social elements including JKLF leader Yasin Malik for sabotaging the return move of Pandits to Valley. Addressing the protestors Bhat alleged that these separatists and anti social elements are working at the behest of Pakistan to sabotage the return move of Pandits. He said whenever some concrete measures have been taken on the return of Pandits the negative and anti social elements are creating hurdles as they are hell bent to sabotage the move. He said in Jammu some colonies have been developed by the members of majority community and when no one has any hesitation in construction of these colonies why the separatists should oppose the composite township in Kashmir for settlement of displaced people who are leading an exiled life for last over 25 years.