Not Afraid Of 'hue & Cry', Will Take Along All Stake-holders: Mufti

12 April 2015
The Daily Excelsior
Gopal Sharma

Jammu: While demonstrating his resolve to continue working as per his mission, Chief Minister Mufti Mohammed Sayeed today made it clear to every one that he won't be deterred by any 'hue and cry' to work on much bigger canvas for establishing peace and normalcy in the State by taking along all the 'stake- holders'. Speaking in the Upper House of the State Legislature after election of new Chairman and Dy Chairman here today, the Chief Minister asserted that if the country faced any challenge, it was from the Jammu and Kashmir State. It is fact that ensuring total peace and normalcy in Jammu and Kashmir is the most challenging job and the BJP has realised this fact. 'I say if the country (India), has a challenge somewhere, it is in Jammu and Kashmir. Even the people from BJP also realise that our vision is not only to run the Government, they have realised the challenge,' Mufti maintained. Mr Sayeed further said that soon after the formation of the PDP-BJP Coalition Government in the State, he made it clear that he would ensure that everyone was taken onboard. 'I want to take along all the stakeholders and by the stakeholders I mean all the people whether in the mainstream or outside it, we will take them along as well,' Sayeed said. Stating that his vision is not only restricted to running the affairs of the Government but to work on a much bigger canvas, Mr Sayeed reiterated his resolve to bring the State out of political uncertainty and provide an effective and accountable administration that connects with the people on the ground. Reassuring the people on providing an inclusive Government that gives representation to all the regions, Mufti said it is the people whose writ will run in the State. 'People who voted overwhelmingly, gave this opportunity to make history, I am not afraid of small hue and cry,' he said. Mufti further said it was the determination and the will of the people that counts for him. 'We will follow our agenda and this small 'hue and cry' won't do any harm to our mission,' he asserted. 'It is a journey to provide clean Government, a journey to provide accountability, transparency, a journey of political will and we have to take advantage of this and take State out of this trouble,' Mr Sayeed maintained. Mufti said that sometimes his party men get angry over his decision, but he continues to take along everybody. 'In the Lower House we gave the position of Deputy Speaker to the National Conference and in this House we elected a Congress candidate for the post of Deputy Chairman, I strongly believe in taking everyone on-board,' he said. 'Sometimes the people from my party get angry but I continue to take along everybody. I want to take along all the stakeholders and by the stakeholders I mean all the people whether in the mainstream or outside it, we will take them along as well,' Sayeed said. He said that be it National Conference or Congress, his aim is to take along everybody. 'I don't aim at taking away their role of opposition from them. I recently told somebody from Delhi that we are here to provide an alternative,' he said. Congratulating newly elected Chairman Haji Inayat Ali from Kargil and Jehangir Hussain Mir from Poonch, the Chief Minister said he is certain that they will emulate the legacy left behind by stalwarts like Syed Hussain and more recently Amrit Malhotra. 'I am hopeful they will conduct the business of the House efficiently and provide good opportunity to the Members in raising issues of urgent public importance of their respective areas,' he added. Mufti Sayeed also appreciated the quality of debates in the recent Budget Session in the Upper House, especially praising former Chairman Amrit Malhotra for efficiently conducting the business.