Anupam Backs Township For Kashmiri Pandits

12 April 2015
The New Indian Express

New Delhi: Actor Anupam Kher on Sunday made an emotional appeal for the resettlement of Kashmiri Pandits (KP) in the Valley. Kher urged the Centre to build the first smart city in Kashmir Valley for settlement of the displaced community. A KP himself, Kher explained why members of the Hindu community need to be settled in one contiguous piece of land, which will give a sense of security and avenues for means of life and livelihood. He asserted that a 'homeland' for themselves was a right of the migrant community who, he said, have been reduced to the status of 'minority' in the country and slammed separatists for opposing the plan. 'Just a proposal has been made and look at the protest that is taking place, I urge the central government to not bow down to these pressures. Five-six people should not hold it in ransom. We need our homeland, it is our right. It is the right time that the Prime Minister and Home Minister have come up with the proposal' Kher said. The issue of separate townships for KPs in the Valley is being opposed by separatists, who claim that it will divide the people and pose security risks. 'Let the first smart city happen in Kashmir for the Kashmiri Hindus. Most of the Pandits are educated professionals who will settle there. It will be a model for the country. Give us the land and we will build a city' Kher added. Slamming use of the word 'ghetto' by some people, Kher said, 'It is a coinage of a sick mind, there is a difference between 'ghetto' and being asked to come and settle down in the same place.' Kher said Pandits could not return to their native places because as they not feel 'secure'.