Division Of Kashmir Has Become Inevitable: Panun Kashmir

13 April 2015
The Hindustan Times

Jammu: Panun Kashmir chairman Ajay Chrungoo said here on Monday that the division of Kashmir has become inevitable to stop fundamentalism in the Valley. Speaking to reporters, he said, 'The recent controversy over the return of the Kashmiri Pandits to the Valley has shown the true colours of the so-called moderates. Earlier, it was separatists like the Hurriyat which opposed our return, but now even the mainstream political parties, including the National Conference, the Congress and the CPI (M) have strongly objected to our return.' He said, 'It has made one thing clear that the spirit of secularism and co-existence is non-existent in the politics of Kashmir.' 'No solution less than homeland with union territory in Valley is acceptable to Kashmiri Hindus,' Panun Kashmir convenor Dr Agnishekhar said. Flanked by chairman of Panun Kashmir Dr Ajay Chrungoo, he said the creation of a Union Territory of Panun Kashmir north and east of the Jhelum river in Kashmir Valley for the rehabilitation of entire population of Kashmiri Hindus has become inevitable. 'Pretending otherwise will be very costly because a religious war against India continues unabated from its soil. Panun Kashmir watched with dismay and dejection the speech delivered by Mufti Mohammad Sayeed on the issue of return of Kashmiri Hindus,' he said. Dr Agnishkhar said that the tone and tenor of his speech was only complimentary to what the likes of Ali Shah Geelani or Yasin Malik had said on the issue. 'The speech only reflected a disdain and lack of sensitivity with regard to the expulsion of Kashmiri Hindus from Kashmir,' he said. Chrungoo rued, 'We are dismayed that the BJP is transforming fast, willfully or out of political naivety, into overground support structure for the subversive, fundamentalist and separatist enterprise in Jammu and Kashmir.'