Jammu & Kashmir Violent Protests Part Of 'conspiracy' To Halt Return Of Kashmiri Pandits, BJP Says

17 April 2015

New Delhi: Under fire over the separatists rally in Srinagar and spate of violent protests in the valley, the BJP on Friday said all this was part of a 'conspiracy' aimed at stalling plans for resettlement of Kashmiri pandits. 'The protests are part of a conspiracy to prevent the resettlement of Kashmiri pandits in the valley. We will not allow this process to be stalled,' BJP national secretary Shrikant Sharma said, adding that 'unity and integrity of the nation is more important than being in power'. The BJP also sought to take credit for the arrest in Srinagar of separatist leader Masarat Alam who raised pro-Pakistan slogans, saying Centre had made it clear that no anti-India activity will be allowed in the Valley. Sharma said there have been 27 FIRs against Alam, but no chargesheet was filed against him by the previous regime and that is how he was released and is now leading protests there. Affirming the BJP's commitment to resettlement of Kashmiri pandits in the valley, Sharma blamed the Congress for its 'wrong' policies, holding it responsible for the current situation in the state. 'The wrong policies of former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru are responsible for Kashmir's current problems. It is unfortunate that due to such policies, our own people today are forced to live as refugees in our own country. Due to his mistakes, refugees from West Pakistan even after three generations have not been provided with livelihood,' he said. He said separatists do not have any stakes in Kashmir and hence have been ignored by the people, who have voted a new government to power despite calls for boycott. 'Had the Congress acted against Masarat Alam earlier, he would not be leading such protests in Kashmir today. It is time Congress stop addressing terrorists as 'Sahibs' and play the role of a constructive opposition. Our priority is to resettle Kashmiri pandits in the valley while maintaining the unity and integrity of the country. 'The very moment Alam raised Pakistan flag, he raised pro-Pakistan slogan, none other than Union home minister Rajnath Singh gave a swift call to the chief minister, demanding that he should be quickly arrested and stringent action taken against him,' BJP spokesman Sambit Patra said. Party general secretary Ram Madhav said there was no pressure from his party on the Mufti Mohammad Sayeed-led government in J&K. 'They have taken action after due investigation and collection of evidence,' he told reporters. Another BJP spokesman Nalin Kohli justified the arrest of Alam, saying Centre has firmly stated that anti-India activity will not be permitted in the valley. The PDP-led government in Jammu & Kashmir, in which BJP is also a partner, arrested Alam on Friday for raising pro-Pakistan slogans during a rally in Srinagar where Pakistani flags were also waved.