Separatists' Activities Helping CM Mufti Sayeed: Jammu & Kashmir Congress

17 April 2015

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Congress on Friday said that incidents like waving of Pakistani flags by separatists in Srinagar was a part of larger conspiracy that has been helping Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed to increase his acceptability in the Valley. 'Incidents like these (waving of flags) was a part of larger conspiracy that has been helping Mufti Mohammad Sayeed to increase his acceptability in the Kashmir Valley,' Congress Legislative Party (CLP) leader Nawang Rigzin Jora, while addressing a day-long party convention at Kunjwani in outskirts of Jammu city, said. Asserting that the country will have to pay a bigger price for all this, he said 'Mufti Mohammad Sayeed is increasing his acceptability in the Kashmir Valley at the cost of BJP'. 'Sayeed knows this as he too is involved in this, otherwise how is it possible that (Pakistani) flags are hoisted and anti-India and Pro-Pakistani slogans raised just outside the office of the Director General of Police,' Jora said. Jora, who accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of playing with the religion and regional sentiments of the people of Jammu, said that the saffron party sold out its ideology for the sake of getting power in Jammu and Kashmir. 'Where did their promises to have a Hindu chief minister go, where did the issue of Article 370 go, where did the slogan of empowering the Hindus of Jammu go, they had 25 seats and had a support of three others then why did they gave away everything to PDP,' Jora said. He said it was Congress which despite having only 17 seats in 2002 negotiated with PDP and gave equal representation to Jammu by installing a chief minister from Jammu region. 'Even if he was not a Hindu but he was from Jammu region, we empowered Jammu region, we are a secular party which believes in taking along everybody,' he said. Jora said the 'bubble of Modi' was bursting as a political 'novice' like Arvind Kejriwal defeated BJP in New Delhi. 'We lost because we could not take our achievement amongst the people, but when a political novice like Arvind Kejriwal burst the bubble of Modi's popularity in New Delhi, it was not BJP's defeat but the defeat of Modi,' he said. He said the countdown for the saffron party has begun and the days were numbered for the return of the Congress to power in the country and the state. Holding internal leg pulling within the local unit of the party responsible for the recent debacle, Jora said the new chief of the Pradesh Congress Committee believes in taking along everybody. 'Everybody knows that there is internal leg pulling in the party... everyone knows this, but the new PCC chief has been taking along everybody,' he said.