Separatist Leaders Inimical To Peace, Prosperity: J&K BJP MLC

26 April 2015

New Delhi: Terming separatist leaders as being 'inimical' to peace and prosperity, Jammu and Kashmir BJP legislator Surinder Mohan Ambardar today said that the honourable return of Kashmiri Pandits to their homeland will take some time as there is a need to create a proper social order before that happens. 'Kashmiri Pandits are a component of Kashmiri society. Their return will be honourable, but it will take some time. Unless there is a proper social order in place, rehabilitation is difficult. We will work to create that order first,' BJP MLC Ambardar told PTI. Lashing out at separatist leaders, he said that while they aim to radicalise Kashmiri youth, they will soon lose their relevance. 'Separatists, who consider themselves representatives of Kashmir, are inimical to development, peace and prosperity. Their ideology of radicalising young Kashmiris erodes our Kashmiri culture and points youths in the wrong direction,' he said. 'The space occupied by separatists is shrinking and they will soon become irrelevant. I don't think they are a stakeholder,' added Ambardar. He said it was the 'utter failure' of the previous National Conference-led government - especially during the devastating floods, when it appeared to be in a 'complete shambles' - and the Narendra Modi wave that had brought about a change of guard in the state. 'There has been a paradigm shift in people's perception. Earlier, the masses were disappointed but, under the present government, they are hopeful,' Ambardar said. 'BJP's mission is to change the political turf in the Valley. We will now predominantly focus on development and issues concerning the youth and women in order to make serious inroads there,' he said. Ambardar said that BJP will work to revive the composite culture of Kashmir while noting that moves were afoot for a joint township. 'Asking Kashmiri Muslims to vacate homes for the Pandits after they had bought them during the exodus of the latter will give rise to a new conflict. The concept is not to create a separate township but a joint township where people from all religions can live in harmony,' he said. MLC Ambardar also took a dig at Langate MLA Engineer Rashid for his remarks that the Pandits should apologise for leaving Kashmir. 'Engineer Rashid... Does not need to be taken seriously. The state government and the Centre are on the same page regarding the return of Pandits. We will not give two hoots to the utterances of the people who are inimical to the peace process,' he said. Alluding to the controversy that erupted over the proposal for setting up separate townships for the rehabilitation of the displaced community, Lambardar said there should be no segregation. 'It's unfortunate that separatist leaders like Yasin Malik, Mirwaiz Umer Farooq and Shabir Shah are today raising a hue and cry over the resettlement issue, for they are the same people who in the past have gone on record to say that Kashmiri Pundits are part and parcel of Kashmiri culture,' Ambardar said. Asked about the issue of revocation of Armed Forces Special Powers Act, he said it was a matter of 'national security'. 'We all believe that it (AFSPA) should not be there in a civilised society, but when the infiltration continues from the other side, the army has to be empowered,' he said.